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  1. @ staff0rd: It's a fully functional slot machine GAME. It fulfills the requirements of a free slot machine game.
  2. @Pixel Guardian Thanks for your comment, it's nice to get some feedback.
  3. It seems that for some reason this game is not working on Safari version below 6 browsers. I've tested it's functionality in many browsers and it works at least in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. I'm currently investigating why it's not performing on Safari 5. Any help is appreciated if you take a look at the source code and find out why. Edit: Reason is that Safari version 5 doesn't support css vh/vw.
  4. The big idea is to make a real casino game out of this and to play with real money. But it's not legal in Finland to establish an online casino.
  5. When you pressed the button, did the reels roll? The game works if they did. Works at least in my chrome/windows. You just have to press the button until you win. It's sort of a slot machine game with english words. If you have an english word in one of five winning lines, you get that word selected with green translucent line. Sorry for being unclear with the mission of the game.
  6. Hi, Check out my new word game at and Feel free to comment! Game Copyright Ⓒ 2016 Samuli Kuusisto. All Rights Reserved. Note: for some reason doesn't work on Safari version below 6, try instead Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE or Opera. Thanks, Samuli Kuusisto