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  1. @b10bThank you for your feedback. I added a link to a form with questions. It would be great if you could share it to someone who has a deal with designing particles or programming them. I also removed pricing details, as they are not really a subject of questionnaire and don't really matter for now.
  2. Hi guys, I need your help a little regarding general game development needs. Answer, please, to my questionnaire. Your answers will help me a lot to take a correct direction in my journey. Here is a link to Google Forms: https://forms.gle/qpp4egCjVWA2Tx348 Or you can answer by replying to this post. Let's suppose someone is developing a particle effects editor where you could make real-time particle effects for any platform and any engine very fast and cheap with a unified and powerful creating process. And when I say 'any engine' I mean most popular engines, like PIXI.js,
  3. Hi, You can put reference image to the background by adding it to the scene. See attached images 01 - 02. And yes, you can change properties of the effect from the target application. You need to have emitter property to be able to change the value. Short steps are: 1. In Emitter Guide click three dots on a value and choose 'Emitter property'. 2. Name it somehow. 3. Export the effect. 4. In your app for the effect use effect.setPropertyInAllEmitters('MyCoolProperty', 0.5) to set the property in all emitters. I definitely need new tutorial on that
  4. We plan to switch to premium pricing plans approx. in May. You will be able to use the editor as before to create effects, but to make export to JS you will need to have positive balance on your account. We believe, that pricing will be fare enough, which will allow us to grow in features and quality.
  5. Looks like it crashes because of OpenGL/shaders issue. I definitely need more compatibility checks in the app. What video card do you have?
  6. Is it happening every time you start the Editor? Did it show some bug report dialog? If it did, could you save it and attach here? I need more details to fix the cause. Thanks.
  7. Hi, guys. NeutrinoParticles plugin for PIXI is tested and released. You can download the Editor and check out video tutorials, samples and live demos at https://neutrinoparticles.com/ It is the best particle editor for PIXI. Isn't it?
  8. NeutrinoParticles became much better for the last year. Because of workflow improvements and after Emitter Guide introduced, you can create a great effect in a few minutes from the scratch. The editor has full set of video tutorials for beginners and a lot of samples. And it is totally free for now. Canvas, WebGL and PIXI renderers are available (even C#/Unity one, but that is another story). https://neutrinoparticles.com/ So, what do you think? Is it good enough to be the best one?
  9. Hi. I'm working on PIXI plugin for Neutrino Particles (neutrinoparticles.com). Because JS is not my favorite language (it's C++ one), it is not straightforward for me to understand and use some JS constructions. In particular, I didn't get how modules of PIXI are connected into one file and how they include features of each other. So, I see how shaders are created inside the framework, but I can't create them outside pixi.js framework. Is it possible to use such features, like shaders and VAO outside? P.S. Currently, the plugin works pretty good. I still need to resolve some tro
  10. Hi, guys, I want to write my own plugin to add support of neutrinoparticles.com (NP) to the PIXI. NP has support of Canvas as well as WebGL. Is it possible to easy write such plugin to support 3rd party code and what is short plan to write it (like main steps)? NP code just needs to pass position of the effect in the update() and context to the render(), so, it is pretty straightforward, to use it. But I'm not familiar with all details of PIXI architecture and JS is not my main profile, so I need short directions to start dig. Thanks.
  11. Hi, stupot. Sorry if it looked like I'm pushing you to do that with my hopes. I didn't mean that. About coloring. Yeah. I'm still thinking about best solution to do not drown performance. Thanks for your work.
  12. Thanks. Consider such policy as payment for export service, something like daily payment. So, you can download the tool, create effects, learn how to use it for free, but pay only for exporting. I had several reasons to do so. But maybe in the future everything will change. It is only BETA. And it is still totally free
  13. Thanks. And no. Unfortunately I had no time yet to integrate the library to popular engines. But there is a guy on the forum on the site, which is trying to do so with Phaser.js. I hope he will deal with that soon.
  14. Thank you I'm keep working. Next one will be wizard-helper to create and modify very fast and simple emitter's scheme. It should significantly decrease complexity for starters.
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