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  1. Hello I am a student that current studying computer science. I have programmed a card game called Cucumber. What is Cucumber Card Game? ----------------------------------------------- Cucumber is a kind of trick-taking game, in which the object is not to win the last trick. To make this more difficult, there is a rule that in each trick players must either overtake or sacrifice their lowest card. To be safe from losing, you therefore need not only a low card for the last trick, but also high cards for overtaking, so that your low card(s) do not have to be given up prematurely. How to play? ------------------------------------------------ Visit to read instructions. CucumberKing ------------------------------------------------- Our goal is to bring a fun card game to the Internet. Creating the world's first platform for the card game cucumber. Technologies used: HTML5, javascript (back-end & front-end), Redis & MongoDB (database), Node JS Play: Contact: