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  1. it was expected by script. with a "dist" variable to stop avatar running around the exact location.
  2. hi i ve this but not in a PG and with move with collision https://www.jouer.org/adept-beta.html try it, if it's your need, check animactor()
  3. Hi! I d like to pick a mesh with skeleton and know with part of the body is picked... I thinking about that from few wweks now but still Have no idea and don't know how to deal with it. Have you any idea for a starting point? Should i start with a body and creating childrens with head/legs, attaching bones etc or maybe there is a clever solution?
  4. simple name sample : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1N2CH7#3
  5. eboo


    ok... in fact i was "Creat"ing"GroundFromHeightMap" twice for the same ground and at the "same" time. So most of time is was not "synchronized" and has no effect but sometimes... it was creating error. i ve found 10FPS with the same error
  6. eboo


    well... in fact i just don't understand how this random error is created... for example, i ve two opened firefox with the same script. one working well ... not the other one... I was unable to reproduce on the playground (too many external call). doesn't matter i will check and rewrite my script until it works
  7. eboo


    in a specific area of my map, i've an error message that i don't understand " TypeError: Argument 3 is not valid for any of the 3-argument overloads of WebGLRenderingContext.uniformMatrix4fv. " (my script still running but no render) if i refresh, it's loading (about 50% of refresh is ok and 50% not )... same error using firefox or chrome... Same elements with a différent "position" on the map is ok. If i load from an other position and go there, i've no error... but if i load from this spécific position... i have this error... what's could be wrong with my script? what should i check? here is the strange page : https://www.jouer.org/index.php?m=beta&mj1=5&mj2=7 (use refresh if it's working ^^) well working from here (for example) https://www.jouer.org/index.php?m=beta&mj1=5&mj2=5
  8. lacase just create a ground square. tou is the region name var tou=GX+"-"+GY; the ajax function just load a "heightMap" number. so you can specify différents jpg files to use with heightmap created grounds are stored in terrains[] terrains[tou].addLODLevel(125, null); addLODlevel say that it will be visible only if you camera is less than 125 far. here you only have sand squares. Those squares are populated with map(); this is where you will define objects that you will put on squares
  9. inspiration: https://www.jouer.org/adept-beta.html https://www.jouer.org/jsbb/2016.1.js (working with firefox, i've discovered this morning that chrome is not loading) but: i've created tiles with ground function lacaze() i'm populating it with map() each emement is parented to terrain[] players are not parented ^^. i "ground" 9 tiles and populat 4 sides. I have to complete it with dispose (easier with parenting)
  10. not sure you will found a predictive way... but here is an element: var fps=engine.getFps().toFixed();
  11. i've found this funny PG: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1023O#6
  12. clone is ok. so i will use clone
  13. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#TRNYD#14 i have a nice box with a specific shader. but i can't create instance (un cote last lines). is it a bug?
  14. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1RD35E#4 tex.wAng = BABYLON.Tools.ToRadians(30)/tex.uScale;
  15. here is a infinit world Shift Z for run https://www.jouer.org/adept-beta.html multi heightmap with lod and xml php file to populate the ground. parenting meshes with ground for easiest dispose (if needed).