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  1. ok thank you, I now understand better. I think the GridMaterial's implementation has a different lighting model, more simple than Standard/Custom material. I'll try take a closer look at how I could emulate the same result. Thanks again for you help, time and patience!
  2. but the rendering should be the same if I use the same material color and light properties, right?
  3. These are the settings to change the Grid line spacing. I'm talking about the color of the material, look at the screenshot below Left part is your shader, right part is the GridMaterial, it's much brighter.v
  4. I don't know what you changed between version 51 and 53. If you look at my version (52) and switch the material on line 167 you will see the original GridMaterial is much brighter.
  5. yes, I did, I look at the Material's implementation on GitHub to know how to set the gridControl parameter, and in the PG I gave the settings of both your custom material and the Grid Material are the same (at least for the grid settings).
  6. @NasimiAsl thanks again for your help, I've tried your version of the Grid Material and apparently the lighting is not behaving the same. You can take a look at this modified version of your PG: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#UXCB15#52, comment line 167 to enable your material. I took a quick look but couldn't find why there's a difference.. Thanks
  7. Wow @NasimiAsl I just saw your last PG, it looks awesome ! I believe I going to try and import your shader code directly in my project and see if it works so well (no reason it shouldn't), many thanks to you! It just would take 1 to 2 days, currently the code path using the grid material with shadow is being rewritten and I need to finish it to get result on screen. I couldn't take time to go down in customizing shaders again, I've not done that for a moment, it got GC out of my brain since a while..
  8. Ideally I'd like the surface area where there's no line not to be transparent at all, but be able to set an opacity level and have shadow casted there. I didn't have time to check your progress, I really have to go to bed right now, I'll check tomorrow first in the morning. Thanks all for your help!
  9. This one is for @Sebavan, I use this material (a lot) and I would really appreciate if it could receive cast shadows. Currently I'm creating two surfaces displayed alpha blended, a second one with a standard material to display the shadows but Depth Fight occurs a lot and it's not something I can solve by tweaking as I have many different scales in many different objects. Could you tell me if it's something that can be done without much trouble and could be in future (beta, near ? ) releases? Or if it's too much work that I have to lost hope on it? Maybe you have a more tangible wor
  10. you rock! and your documentation is still one of the best of the lib!
  11. The bounding box was indeed not properly computed (the SPS was clipped as soon as its center was out of frustum). Now the SPS is clipped correctly, but the shadows still doesn't work!
  12. Me again, and I believe this is for @jerome again! I'm using the MeshBuilder to create a disc like this: var circle = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateDisc("botCircle", { radius: 1, tessellation: 18, sideOrientation: BABYLON.Mesh.DOUBLESIDE}, this.scene); Now I would like to create another disc around the one above, with an inner radius of 1 and (outer) radius of 1.5 to get a shape that will 'extend' this disc, not overlapping it. Is there a feature to do that? If not I believe, I'll have to take a look at the CreateDisc implem and add my own... Thanks guys
  13. Hello everyone, It's been a while, I'm glad that I can be (a little) back. I summon @jerome, I believe this one is for you. I want to cast shadow with the content of a SPS, but apparently I can't configure it the right way because I have no cast shadow. Here's the code: var sps = new BABYLON.SolidParticleSystem("Bots", this.scene); var circle = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateDisc("botCircle", { radius: 1, tessellation: 18, sideOrientation: BABYLON.Mesh.DOUBLESIDE}, this.scene); let particleCount = this.botPerCircle*this.botCircleCount; sps.addShape(circle, particleCount); th
  14. Btw, @Wingnut I made a more pretty version of your PG: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#18AMT4#7 Well, ScreenSpace Tracking is obviously not handled the same way as WorldSpace, I would like to understand what the user want to achieve with screen space, because I still don't understand.
  15. @Brijesh I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you would like to achieve, can you be a bit more explicit, give use case, a in progres playground and/or screenshots. Thanks
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