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  1. For LD41 I used Phaser 3 for the first time. Therefore the game is really rough as I had to find my way through all the new features and changes compared to V2 But I like the concept and I think it would have a lot of potential The theme was Combine 2 Incompatible Genres and I tried to make a "twin stick shooter" with just one button controls https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/broken-space-fish-shooter thanks a lot for playing and your feedback
  2. art game created for #dreamhackjam (with phaser of course ) thanks a lot for your feedback and vote: http://jams.gamejolt.io/dreamhackjam/games/m/287425 with fullscreen support no adds but no voting: https://ooku.itch.io/m
  3. thank you. with mechanics you mean shapeshifting or something else? for the zoom I used: zoom: function(game, scale, duration,easing) { zoomTween = game.add.tween(game.world.scale).to({ x: scale, y: scale }, duration, Phaser.Easing.easing).start(); }, but you have to notice that this messes with a lot of functions depending on the world.scale in phaser. for example mouse clicks won't hit the right spot anymore or collision get's muddled up.
  4. entry for ludum dare 38 with the theme A SMALL WORLD a story-platformer-metroidvania-thing hope you like it! feedback is welcomed https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/ghost-story or with fullscreen support on itch: https://ooku.itch.io/ghost-story
  5. the universe's first interactive balkan-dada-dub experience
 (created with phaser of course ) https://ooku.itch.io/simplify watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/wLZIUi7Awf4 
save the world from it's fishlessness by simplifying the horse and maybe you are brave enough to become the most experienced cat exploder 
 featuring the song simplify this horse by extrafish valentin baumgartner - vocals, guitar, efx, oud andi bissig - sax jonas künzli - doublebass, synthbass adrian böckli - drums, perc
  6. Cool graphics and sound! The food step sound is a bit too loud and could be randomized. but this is just a detail. I wouldn't say 'simon says' is the wrong direction but depending on how long the game will be in the end I guess you'll need other mechanics or try to figure out how the 'simon says'-mechanics can be diversified
  7. Hi everyone, I'm curious to see your entry for the lowrezjam 2016 made with phaser. Let's vote for each other. Here's my entry: https://ooku.itch.io/ftwl Hope you like it
  8. Nice one liked the story telling and the simple controls. here's my entry for lowrezjam 2016 also made with phaser: https://ooku.itch.io/ftwl curious to see more phaser-lowrez-entries
  9. Thanks a lot for your feedback and the report! I could't reproduce the bug and take it out yet. but I know the issue, so I included a work around for now so it shouldn't crash completely
  10. Experience a dream-like atmosphere in this web-based point & click adventure.Solve music- and time-based puzzles to reveal the true nature of oOku.You can play the alpha demo herehttp://ooku.itch.io/ookuif you are interested in testing more levels you can send me a PM or join the facebook grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1678578385758314Thanks a lot for your feedback and bug reports.Known Issues: seek buttons do not work in Firefox Links homepage: http://ooku.org twitter: https://twitter.com/ookuorg