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  1. My best is only 538, it's pretty hard to control or I missing the point. There is some sound problem - after the game session restarted the sound loop continue to play together with a new one etc Anyway cute dogs.
  2. Oh man. This girl on the screen is probably took some kind of substance... Нer pupils are larger than her eyes 🀣 I know you are targeting a children audience and the big eyes etc is very attractive, but in this case she probably will needs some medical help in a near future 🀣
  3. Agree with Zealot, cool puzzle game! P.S Interesting to see other players progress/records, maybe some kind of total score (total stars you got or time etc) leaderboard will be a good addition.
  4. Just published on Google Play. Made some fixes, minor changes and the new Leaderboard. The game title was changed for the Google Play to "Gunfighter Kid Duel". Download from GP: Download from Amazon:
  5. Fantastic! Polished, juicy and beautiful. Really liked a graphic style! 😍
  6. I don't understand all technical nuances of this 3d or pseudo 3d (raycast) build, it's it is beyond my knowledge πŸ˜… but i like it.Nice little quest with some mystery around. I went outside the factory and met the lonely android. Pretty smooth controls. I was missing step left and right for better control.
  7. Hi functu. Yor games are awesome, I really like Adam and Eve, very funny game πŸ˜† About a gamedistribution, in my case I made few little games, and I make games as a hobby, so maybe studios like you with so famous projects get a much more better treatment. I don't know if they manipulate etc, but many times I got issues with payments. In my case, the amounts are small (I do not follow them constantly) but anyway It's annoying For now I have some issue, I think they have ignored one month sum (about 34 euro) etc. I'm corresponding with them now. As I wrote above, I like their interface more than those of other companies etc. I really want to believe them but...πŸ˜’
  8. I think you have to fix turning/rotation. In my case the "rotation" is uncomfortable, becoming unbalanced (too fast etc). I guess you can get used to it after some practice, but... Tested on Firefox. W10. i7-7700k
  9. I just put my two cents in the GAMEDISTRIBUTION issue. 1) I like their easy integration, their dashboard with all statistic etc. It's looks really professional and cool IMHO 2) I don't know if they scam company or not, but obviously work with them is it huge headache. Many times they not pay on time, and I have to write them few mails before they finally pay me. In the start I naively asked them if their payment system is automatic after you reach a min sum plus two months period over, and they always answered positive 🀣 🀣🀣that the system is automatic etc. Once they told me about some manager who left the office 😒 and someone else took his job. But this payment problem is repeating too many times, almost always!!!!! Like now, I reached the min amount on November, after the two months is over I forgot about it and forgot to write them some reminding mails. As a result, now on a middle of March and I still not got my payment, as usual guys... Maybe some new office manager left the company, maybe their automatic system got a bug, or a global crisis or maybe we will hear here the new promises from Iurigenovesi... I really want to like them, but it's impossible wish. And all written is my humble opinion.
  10. Absolutely agreeπŸ˜†
  11. Like it. Very charming, juicy neon graphics.
  12. I think this post is a bit on the wrong forum thread, maybe a "Services Offered" thread will be the correct choice. But anyway your Portfolio is very beautiful 😎
  13. Thanks plicatibu πŸŽ… About the ads, they are shown when the rabbit win and come to the new field (level). There is no actually pauses between levels, because after you win you immediately go ahead. Anyway, I didn't expect that ads will be too annoying. I put first ad after 2min, after that you get it every 4 min, except some tutorial levels, maybe I have to change it... All graphics made by me with Inkscape. About apk generating, I made this game by Construct 2 and use one of the tutorials for a apk build (via Cordova Cli) without any special troubles.
  14. I know it was a while ago, but just now I made apk build for android (via cordova cli). And there is some bugs fixes, minor graphics (Bigger eyes!!! 🀣) and sounds changes. And a new leaderboard only for android platform. IT'S CLEARLY NOT GOING TO BE AN EASY PUZZLE GAME!