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  1. Thanks for the reply. To simply put my questions: 1. I wanted a license so that I could protect my code and nothing more to it. 2.I know that my game has got a very bad UI design and at the bottom at graphics. By asking a game which could be sold, I just meant that I want to learn pro- development. The reason I made my game in canvas was because I didn't have any guidance of what I should use. Ijust went to w3 schools and learnt the command usage of canvas and did it. Now, if I were to improve my UI design and graphic skillls, I don't know what I should learn? A lot of names like phaser, pixi etc., are present in this forum. I just wanted to ask from your experience, what would you consider to be the best for game development. As far as my game goes, there are keyboard controls(W - Up, A - Left, S - Down, D - Right, Shift - Pause, Enter - Resume)
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Here is the link to my game: I still have a few doubts: 1. What does licensing of a game mean? 2. If I were to make a game that is actually good enough to sell, what would be the things that I should get my hands on? (As of now, I am good with html, css, javascript, jquery, canvas)
  3. I recently developed this game(my first game). An inspiration of snake game .I want to license that game. I want to know wether games like this can be sold on gaming site. It's not for money but all I want is more and more people to play my game. I made the game using canvas, jquery, javascrit, html5, css. Also, I am facing problems with responsiveness of the game. It is not resizing on phones and other pc's. I will be happy to listen to any suggestions. Also, I am facing problems with responsive web designing on canvas. I would be grateful if I can get some suggestions to develo my career. Some pics of my game:
  4. Hi, I am a newbie into this gaming world. I managed to make my very first game which is a snake game : I am good with javascript, jquery, canvas. It works fine but the graphics are very low. I think the reason is clear because I used canvas to make it. I want to make a game with good graphics. But, I don't know which library to use. I would locve to hear some suggestions. Also, please give a rating on my game out of ten. Tell me whether it can be selled.
  5. Thanks, staff0rd.I think the 'evil snake' might pose a problem for me. But the rest of your suggestions can be managed.
  6. Hi guys, I am an amateur HTML5 game developer who has started developing games not long ago. Here is my first game Snakey, from the inspiration of the retro classic Snake game of Nokia phone. Since the game back then was meant for children, I tried to retain the boyish character with the images and the ever addicting appeal is available in tons. Guys, this is my very first game and I want to know what you feel about this game. I would like to improvise it in every way possible. But, I will need your support.I need alpha-testers for this game. You can give me the reviews by clicking the text "Help us make better". The link to the game is: Hope you enjoy the gaming experience. snakey.ico