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  1. We have just released RevoltFX - a framework to create stunning particle effects. You can create particle emitters and time based effect sequences and nest them all together. Check out some samples Get the library on Github To create your own effects use the RevoltFX online editor Get the editor on Github
  2. bma73

    Pixi.js Showcase

    thanks for reporting :-)
  3. bma73

    Pixi.js Showcase (BETA) - Play epic multiplayer sea battles Built with Pixi and Node
  4. bma73

    Pixi.js Showcase

    We just released "Run Bunny Run!" built with pixi...
  5. Hi, for my current game I made a small Pixi extension to handle parallax layers that I would like to share... Example (use your mouse to control the player) Sources at Cheers
  6. Hi, the getHeightAtCoordinates() method seems to be broken in the 2.4 CDN and 2.5 preview version: (Please wait 2-5 seconds to see the box floating way above the ground)
  7. Great! Thank you for your help!
  8. Hi, I'm working on a tank game and want to clamp the turret's rotation to a specific angle. The turret is a child of the tank body and rotates with the body. It shall automatically rotate towards a target and should stop after an offset e.g. +/-45° from the body's forward vector is reached. Does anybody know how to achieve that? Thank you!
  9. thank you for the updates - that's really working like a charm. I've got another related question: How do I apply the normal info from "getNormalAtCoordinates(x, z)" to the box' rotation in this example Any help would be really appreciated :-)
  10. Hi, I'm manipulating the vertices of a ground mesh using the .updateMeshPositions() method and now i want to get the height at a specific point (x,z) on the mesh with .getHeightAtCoordinates(). Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work... Here is a playground example: What am I doing wrong? Thank you! BMA