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  1. Ok Thank You. I might have to try the second alternative.
  2. Hi All, I am trying develop a game that contains a color band of 5 different colored rectangles. So I created a group and added those rectangles to it(I have uploaded the image of the output). Now I am trying to write the code in such a way that the entire group will be moving horizontally once I drag it. But from what I found we can make the individual element in the group draggable but not the entire group. Anyways, I did write the code this way but I think its wrong as its not working. Here it is. var leftRectGroup =; var colorarray = ["0x607D8B", "0xFF5722", "0xFFEB3B", "0x9E9E9E", "0x795548"]; for(var i = 0; i < 5; i++){ var rectanglegraphics =,0); rectanglegraphics.beginFill(colorarray, 1); rectanglegraphics.drawRect(0, i*256, 100, 256); leftRectGroup.add(rectanglegraphics); rectanglegraphics.endFill(); } leftRectGroup.inputEnabled = true; leftRectGroup.input.enableDrag(); leftRectGroup.input.allowHorizontalDrag = false; Can anyone please provide me the right snippet to make the entire group draggable at once. Thanks in Advance.