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  1. unfortunately the new version doesn't have a "guest" login, I can create one if there's enough demand
  2. This app is supposed to run with any browser, and on touch-screen and non-touch-screen devices; please let me know if you are experiencing any issues
  3. Have you ever played 2048? This is the same game with a twist that doubles the fun URL: https://www.parspicks.com/#
  4. Hi BdR, Thanks, Very good points, the problem is I'm a software engineer mostly working on algorithm design, which means I'm not good at UI at all; I'll try to make the changes you suggested by the way, do you happen to know anyone who would be interested to collaborate?
  5. Hi All, My name is Kousha Nejad and I'm a Software engineer designing software algorithms; Recently I have designed some logic puzzles but I don't have the experience and knowledge to make a nice UI and make it appealing to the users; Anyone interested to help me out? at this point I'm pretty flexible; I can pay you to develop it for me or we can do profit sharing; Here's a sample game I created: https://www.parspicks.com/# Looking forward to hearing back from you, -Kousha Nejad
  6. Levels are hand made, I have another program for it
  7. Could you please elaborate?
  8. All you need to do is sort the tiles vertically, When you move a tile horizontally or vertically, all the neighboring tiles will move as well. Here's the link: https://www.parspicks.com/#
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