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  1. Thank you for this, it made me review my requirements and get a more down-to-earth view of what I need.
  2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will mull this over. I think my best option is to go with JazzAceman's solution, if he is correct that the delta time is the culprit. Permith's solution might also work, but in involves a degree of control over all objects that I'm not sure I am comfortable with. I might hit a bug and have no idea why. Also, cranking up the timestep that much is not really an option; I'm not overly concerned by performance, as I won't have a lot of bodies, but I still want things to run sorta smooth. As for programming in c++, it's impossible, I insist on being
  3. I am looking at Phaser, but not sure what to go with yet; As I say in the title, I'm looking for a deterministic physics engine, and I find it difficult to obtain information on that subject. In other terms, the same rigid body with the same parameters, subject to the same conditions, should always react in the exact same way. It seems to me that most physics engine are not concerned with guaranteeing that, which makes sense in most cases, but not in mine. I am not overly concerned with performance, as long as the simulation is accurate and predictable. Any suggestion?
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