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  1. Thank you nail for the answer and the book, I'll read it.
  2. Hi, I would like to create a responsive game and ask me, what is the easiest way to resize everything in the game? I did a group for the sprites and is working to resize them, but if I would create new sprites dynamically or do a movement, I also need to recalculate all coordinates, right? Or is there a better way?
  3. Hi Wingnut, many thanks for your answer. What I need is really a flat heat map and bars on it, not a geographic map, no hight's on the map. I thought about the first solution you suggested too. And after your suggestion, I did a first trial on it. Now I'm struggling with making a color transition more smooth.
  4. Hi, I'm new to babylon.js and would like to make a surface with 2D heatmap and 3d bar charts on the heatmap. I already got good example for the 3d bar chart, but struggling with the heat map. I think I would get it, but need some help - how to start? Draw 2D on the surface? On the ground?
  5. Hi, I'm working on a game, where the player have to program a robot on a tiled map(topDown) and I need to show the movements on of the robot. You can controll the robot over code only, so there is no live movements only the predefined path I get as result of the program. I'm wondering now, whitch game framework would fit best for my requirements? I need only the map + show the robot's path, yes maybe to controll the speed of the movements.
  6. I found a solution on my own. Thx anyway['Game'].drawPath()
  7. Hi, I'm new to pharser. I created several functions like move() in the Game.js TestGame.Game.prototype = { ... drawPath: function() { ... } Everything is working well. No I would like to access the drawPath function from outside oth the class, e.g. <button onlick="TestGame.Game.drawPath()"> but get "is not a function" Error.
  8. Sorry, I mean it's predefined before the runtime, but every run different so I can't hardcode it. I solved the problem with onComplete. Thx. The problem with rotation was, I need to rotate only on some points. [noRotation, noRotation, 90, noRotation]. So I dind't know what to put to the points with no rotation needed? null?
  9. Hallo, I need to move and rotate a player by a predefined path. Like: [stepForward, turnLeft, stepForward, turnLeft, stepForward, stepForward, stepForward, ...] The problem is, the path is dynamic and depends on user input. I tried to put the coordinates and agles in arrays and do something like{x:[...], y:[...], angle:[...], 5000, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true); But in this case I got problems with rotation. I don't know how to chain dynamicly or use several .to call. Any ideas?