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  1. Hey guys, I'm making a couple of tests with Phaser3 and pixel art, but in Chrome it does not work well.

    [Chrome | Edge], is the same code, but as you can see in Chrome the sprite looks bad when it moves.

    Here is the code

    // Game Config
    const config = {
      width: window.innerWidth,
      height: window.innerHeight,
      pixelArt: true,
      roundPixels: false,
      antialias: false,
      backgroundColor: 0xffffff,
      scene: MainScene
    // Main Scene
    export class MainScene extends Phaser.Scene {
      constructor() {
          key: 'MainScene'
      preload() {
        this.load.image('player', '/assets/player.png');
      create() {
        this.player = this.add.image(50, 70, 'player');
        const tweendata = {
          targets: this.player,
          x: this.player.x + 100,
          duration: 10000,
        const tw = this.tweens.add(tweendata);

    Do you guys know how to fix this? 

  2. Hello guys, I trying to debug Phaser3 cordova app through Chrome, but I'm getting an error, here is a screehshot.


    this happens when I tap the app or click the preview canvas

    And other question, Do you guys know how I can see in the debugger what is in the app? as you can see there is a black screen, but the android app actually has an image.

    Here is the APP code:

    var config = {
      type: Phaser.AUTO,
      width: window.innerWidth,
      height: window.innerHeight,
      scene: {
        preload: preload,
        create: create
    var game = new Phaser.Game(config);
    function preload() {
      this.load.image("red", "red.png");
    function create() {
      this.add.image(100, 100, "red");



  3. Hello devs!

    I want to share with you the first demo of Color Stars, It's a color puzzle flat game with an educational component. The game will be available on web and mobile (cocoon) 


    Play here:


    I appreciate your feedback and comments




    • Add some "modifiers or traps"
    • Speed fixed
    • New planets added

    The game is almost ready, thanks to people who helped me testing it.

  4. Just now, mattstyles said:

    If you are calling functions that aren't really part of the lifecycle of your app/game, such as delaying an ajax request (for example), then setTimeout probably makes more sense, but if you're calling functions that need to be called regularly, maybe the main loop makes more sense. By shoving them all in the main loop they are all in one place, which from a management point of view could be good, or, it might get two noisy in there, so it could be bad.

    That is a good point : ), and the main loop solution is easier to manage for me.


  5. On 9/16/2016 at 1:40 PM, drhayes said:

    What are you trying to do? I mean, what is setting the tile anchor to (0.5) a solution for?

    The tiles are not individual sprites once they're rendered on the screen, so you can't really set each anchor individually. Are you trying to reposition your player sprite to the center of the tile? Would setting it as player.x = tileX + player.width / 2; not be acceptable?

    Yes, I think that is the best solution, thanks : )

  6. On 6/5/2016 at 5:38 AM, BdR said:

    Also there a bug with the language selection. After I change the "idiom" to English, the main menu is English, and if I choose "continue" then it works. However when I choose "new game" it's back to Spanish. (I played on Chrome, Windows 10)

    Yes, that is because when you select a new game all game session data is deleted, but is a good suggestion to keep some settings after create a new game

  7. That will be explained in the tutorial, you can only destroy light gray blocks, the  X" in the block means that a pirate is defending the area.
    The pirates have 2 numbers, damage and health, when you attack the pirates they lose health equal to your damage.
    As I told you, the idea is to explain all this in a litle tutorial.

    Thanks for play it : )!

  8. I'm excited to show you guys my first HTML5 phaser game!

    You can play here

    It's a minesweeper permadeath game, full inspired in runestone kepper and dungelot, you need to find the key and the door at each level, use tap to attack and hold tap to get enemy or item information.

    The game is still in development, but you can play the first 9 levels, the game is for mobile and web, for test reasons you can see the FPS counter at the corner

    Please feel free to give me your feedback

    You can get more information about the game in [spanish]