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  1. @Tom Atom, thanks, I think that I can create extend phaser button class and add isOver condition as default, works well
  2. Hello! I have 2 issues with buttons behaviour 1. If I press the button and move the mouse out of the button when I realease the mouse the action is fired 2. In Desktop, the button action is fired with right and left click but i just need left click, it can be configured? thanks for your help
  3. Hello guys, My name is Luis, I need a partner to build an awesome game. I'm looking for really focused part-time partner with experience in 2d art. Project: The main idea is to develop the game for web/mobile, Monetization: 50/50 Non-exclusive or Exclusive License Skills: Photoshop, illustrator, and a lot of creativity I have a demo, give it a look in Video If you get excited with the idea please msg me Regards!