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  1. CODE PEN: I have been trying to fix this problem for days any help will greatly be appreciated. The problems I am having is: A: The collisions between objects are in the Moveable group are falling on top of one another. By pressing The '1' key a few times you can see that collectable group collides and stack but they will sink to one another after 2-3 stacks. Looked around HTML5 and old post on the fourm but the solution wasn't found. B. The collisions between immovable objects are not colliding with each other and are occupying the same place. Using immovable objects by pressing 3 a few times creates the immovable white blocks but they won't stack. Again thanks for reading my post.
  2. Look at this guy implementation of easystar. By all means, I am no expert, however, he has source code, examples, and if you use google translate a pretty good explanation.
  3. Working with a friend so, still more less the question can be of sending tiled data between client server through map array would be nice.
  4. I found this ^ for looping through all the map. However, I just want to count how many tiles are there at the moment. Any help will be helpful friends.
  5. There is only one of the coins falling and I don't understand why that is. I looked at the code but I can't seem to figure it out.You will have to reload the page if you miss it ( it is the 5th coin from the left).
  6. I am looking for ways to go about creating a sandbox/open world game where anything in the environment can be destroyed/changed. I have been searching for hours for examples of these but to no success. Any help will greatly be appreciated.
  7. I am trying to create a simple Multidimensional array that will add a sprite to the spot example [0,0] I was following how this was doing by doing something similar like: this.tileGrid = [ [null, null, null, null, null, null], [null, null, null, null, null, null], [null, null, null, null, null, null], [null, null, null, null, null, null], [null, null, null, null, null, null], [null, null, null, null, null, null] ]; but all I want is being change those position in the grid to sprite and none of the animation just simply to be there. addTileItem: function(x, y){ //Choose a random tile to add var tileToAdd = this.tileTypes[1]; //Add the tile at the correct x position, but add it to the top of the game (so we can slide it in) var tile = this.tiles.create((x * this.tileWidth) + this.tileWidth / 2, 0, tileToAdd); //Animate the tile into the correct vertical position{y:y*this.tileHeight+(this.tileHeight/2)}, 500, Phaser.Easing.Linear.In, true) //Set the tiles anchor point to the center tile.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); //Enable input on the tile tile.inputEnabled = true; //Keep track of the type of tile that was added tile.tileType = tileToAdd; //Trigger the tileDown function whenever the user clicks or taps on this tile, this); return tile; }, I think I am overthinking the problem but I been at this for a while any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Let's say I would want build a multiplayer game about build a tower (simple blocks) on a big game world that stayed updated based on players constructions. How would you go about to ensure that users stay in creations and runs well.
  9. Well thanks for the help @VitaZheltyakov but I finally figured out using it just using nodejs-redis examples. However, I don't know how to access the data OUTSIDE of nodejs main "app.js" file. If anyone can help, I will greatly appreciate it.
  10. I am sorry I don't understand care to explain @VitaZheltyakov
  11. I am trying to save sprite data to a database and being able to change it later. but I am having trouble figuring out how to implement this. (preferable redis) db.hmset("graphics:dude", JSON.stringify(dudeData)); var dudeData = [ '.......3.....', '......333....', '....5343335..', '...332333333.', '..33333333333', '..37773337773', '..38587778583', '..38588888583', '..37888888873', '...333333333.', '.F....5556...', '3E34.6757.6..', '.E.55.666.5..', '......777.5..', '.....6..7....', '.....7..7....' ]; Then use something like JSON.parse() to get the data back?
  12. Yes It looks like only polyline Is the only one that works completly
  13. Running the generating sprite example locally in firefox. Offline with just code gave me the same thing.
  14. Using Firefox, it did not display the sprite. Firefox/Windows 8 (in private browsing) Firefox/xUbuntu Chrome Works tho Link to me loading Picture of What it is displaying (unloaded sprite)