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  1. Hey everybody ! Is there a solution for me to know which axis goes from the bottom to the top of my meshes ? It is not always the same for different meshes and I want to find the good one each time. Thanks for your time
  2. Yeah I understand, I crossed it by 1.2 to be sure to see all my meshes, it's working fine right now Thanks for your help ! (Is there a way to resolve a topic ? I may be blind )
  3. I'm sorry, but I didn't really understand there You want me to use boundingSphere again to do it ? I stopped using it with the Therom. I missed something ?
  4. Thank you for your video example, That's pretty clear to find my angle thanks to it, but I was wondering, I am doing a viewer on which you can view any object. The problem is I don't know if my 2 dimension axis at the base of my object will be x-,y ; x,z or y,z. If I can be sure of what axis are used, I can set my camera the right way. Anyway, thanks for everything
  5. Okay, I found a solution ! Finding the mesh on the right and the mesh on the left is a great idea ! The only problem is that I don't always know on which axis I'm working, but that's good enough for me don't worry So thank you Deltakosh and Pryme8 for your help
  6. Hello Pryme8, Yeah you understood what I want, but I do not now how to find my sphere on the lefts left most point and my sphere on the right right most point. I don't think it's that hard by the way. But obvisouly my meshes are can be imported anywhere, on 10 meshes, my 3rd can be on the left and my 5th on the right. Anyway, thanks for your idea, I'll try to figure it out
  7. Hello Pryme8, Do you mean that I can check with an array if all my bounding spheres can be seen ?
  8. Ok thanks ! I don't have my code right now, I'll take a look tomorrow, but I think I understood I'll tell you
  9. Hello Deltakosh, Indeed centerWorld is working fine (I don't know why but my code was working the same way, I got the center of my meshes). I still don't understand how to set the camera at the right distance of all meshes to set all of them in my frustrum. I found that : camsum += mesh.getBoundingInfo().boundingSphere.radius / Math.sin(camera.fov / 2); It is working to set one mesh in my camera frustrum, but if I want to set more meshes, I tried to add them all into my camsum var, but I can't just add them, it's ,not working if meshes are far from each other.
  10. Hello Deltakosh, Thank you for answering, I tried to reproduce my work on the playground, and tried it with sphere, it doesn't seems to work like that. For my part, I want, for any imported meshes, every imported meshes to be in my camera radius. Here is a link to the playground :
  11. Hello everybody ! I've got a question about boundingspheres. I want to set my camera to an appropriate distance from my meshes to see all of them in my frucstrum. I tried the code below, it's working if boudingspheres of my meshes are not too far or if there is just one mesh. I want it to work for every meshes importation, so I have to merge my boundingspheres but I don't know how to do it. for (let i = 0; i < newScene.meshes.length; i++) { test = newScene.meshes.getBoundingInfo().boundingSphere; camsum += test.radius / Math.sin( / 2); } let camaverage = camsum / newScene.meshes.length; = camaverage; Some advices ? Thanks for your time ! DeathSoul
  12. Thank you very much Flomotion, I understand better how to set my loading screen !
  13. Hey ! I come back here, hoping it's not too late to get an answer I want to get a nanobar from nanobar.js to load when I'm loading my scene, I've got no idea how to do, what to put in the function 2, being totally newbie to babylon.js ! Can anyone help me please ?