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  1. thank you, I'll try this week-end and post the result if i get some result
  2. Hi, is there a native babylonjs way to design a game map from basic tiles like those : tiles for example to get a racing game circuit ?
  3. here is my scene, with shadows now working : perhaps the begining of a game like this one thank you for your help
  4. ok thank you, I don't really understand why this problem occurs, but your solutions are working, i'll post my scene soon.
  5. Hi, In this playground I can't understand why my cylinder does not receive shadows whereas the ground (plane) does.
  6. the problem lies certainly in the shaders program, in a function named computeShadowWithPCFCube(), this functions uses depht value (camera.maxZ and camera.minZ), but the code is not commented, I don't understand why depht value is considered to compute the shadow value. Perhaps we should move this topic to bug section ?
  7. you're right wingnut, you gave me a workaround, but the undelying problem is still under analysis with your shadowgenerator function "hack" it should be easy to analyse, .... i mean easy for babylonjs ninjas, if you wait for me to lead the investigation, it will take a litle more time (it's in middle of my todo list)
  8. excellent dear wingnut, that solved my problem, link to my scene now we have shadows on the moon, I'll perfect my scene and post in the demo section when ready have a nice day.
  9. ok, here is a simplified playground enabling camera.maxZ makes my torus' shadow disapearing
  10. Hello, in my scene (not finished at all) : link to my scene (you're on the moon) I use a very high value for camera.maxZ , this disables my shadows, is it a normal behavior ? What can I do ? - is it possible to reduce camera.maxZ but force very far objects to be shown ? - is it possible to keep a high value for camera.maxZ but enable shadows ? Thanks
  11. @zied sellami to go back to you initial question don't forget that you're in a web page, you can display html elements over your canvas (you can buid a menu and affect a static position), and interact with those elements inside you JS, to you initial question there are many solutions, can you be more precise on your needs ? here is a very basic example (menu on the left top corner) for the moment i didn't implement interaction with js
  12. in paris : webgl Paris (once a year i think) paris web (once a year) Microsoft techdays (not specialy opensource , paris, and perhaps other places)
  13. thanks for all this snow, I didn't see much this winter i'll post my snowing scene in some days
  14. thanks, i'll test SPS, if ever I had performance issue i'll try to write a shader. here is my snow without light for the moment
  15. Hi, I wonder if particles can interact with light ? I've read that particles are 2D and so have no normals and no specular or diffuse light, am i right ? for example if I want to represent snow that is falling under a street light, or the lights of a car, how can I do ? Have I to write a specific shader ? Thanks
  16. If you expect an object to stop light you have to activate shadows, read these
  17. merci Dad, This'll really help me to upgrade my knowledge of babylonJS. I began in webgl with threeJS but recently discovered babylon, and discovered that Babylon benefits of a really nice and cool community
  18. Thank you David. The flares sytem from the demo are also "cool", I integrated them i my code For 2) I'll have to read your blog ... bye.
  19. Hi, i'm back with my space simulator Here it is There are two improvements that I would like to achieve : - the earth, when seen from space, is like a blue glowing sphere : like this one, the glowing level is dependent of the incidence of sunlight and the angle from the observer to the atmosphere, how could I simulate this with babylon ? - I've applied an emissive texture that represent the night illuminations, problem is that illuminations in reality are inversely proportional to sun illumination (during the day most lights are off), how could I simulate that ?
  20. works perfectly with "sphere.material.useLogarithmicDepth = true;" Here is the result and yes, objects are big, I tried to represent real scale of earth, I could have divided by 1000 or more but if I manage to make it work in scale why not ? Thanks a lot, bye.
  21. thanks David (you work on Saturday ?) and sorry I Shoud have read the tutos , camera.maxZ is a "common" newbie error. now it works but I've an other problem, perhaps a bug
  22. Hi, I try to display a small sphere, and the scene is inside an other sphere (with backculling) in order to create a background image, the result is : with only one sphere the rendering is ok
  23. Hi, for my project I will use babylonjs to draw a planet and other objects in 3D (Moon, artificial satellites ...) . I need to respect the real distancesor at least the relative distances so that physical interractions between those objects will be realistic. Is it possible to draw a sphere with the real size of earth (6000000 meters radius) and real distances ? I've tried but after a certain distance my sphere disapears, is it a problem of cliping or something like that ?