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  1. Hi @b10b. Thanks. The renderer is not yet ready to be published as a standalone. I've got like 500 unique models on my GTX1060 displayed with 60 FPS but the API is obnoxious as I am still learning WebGL.
  2. Ahoy there. I have just released a standalone version of my voxel editor where you draw models layer by layer like a 2d image. It features very neat spritesheet exporter with my handcrafted retro renderer made in WebGL. Please take a look at https://spritestack.io/ to get more info. I am also glad to anwser any questions.
  3. Thanks guys - my tech stack is pretty much always the same - jump to the FAQ section on the left side on this site http://rezoner.net/wanderers.html
  4. It should be fixed by now. I have also provided tons of updates.
  5. As the title says - you are one click away from playing a multiplayer arcade soccer game https://soccer.instantonline.io
  6. The game is great - it should have been more popular in IO world, I think there are still a few places where you can get reasonable traffic - will send you a few tips that worked for me.
  7. @Skeptron Hey mate - that post was two years ago - I have since then moved from websockets/ws to uwebsockets - it's at least two time faster in production.
  8. Thanks thanks, There aren't much data in mechar.io yet, so I can tell you about wilds. > How are you monitising this? Displaying ads and selling virtual currency that players can exchange for swords, etc > Are you in a position to share your stats on average play length, DAU etc? About 300K UU / mo, with average gameplay time around 14 minutes. (10 minutes for new players, 25 minutes for hooked up players) > What engines are you using, (particularly server side) Custom solution on both client and server side. It's not really an engine - I am just co
  9. TL;DR Mechar.io Ahoy everyone - it's been a year since I have released my previous game. I thought that I will be shipping a new game each three months but it turned out it takes a full time job to constantly improve the game so it can stay afloat Fortunately one day I have been approached by a fan of my other game who happens to be an artist - he sent me some lovely robots and I couldn't refuse to turn them into a game. So here it is - http://mechar.io - a fast paced multiplayer shooter using the same engine as wilds.io I don't have good gameplay video so enjoy this one:
  10. > And to get local .json files ? Do you mean you want to have some of the files stored locally and some globally? You can use this undocumented notation /* This way you can explicitly tell playground what to load and where to store it. */ this.loadData("<any/path/to/file.json> name"); /* examples: */ // this will look for some json file in google domain and store it as this.data.apple this.loadData("<http://google.com/some.json> apple"); // let's assume you are in http://localhost/something/index.html // this will look for http://localhost/something/common/hero
  11. 1) Playground is setting its container background. You can override it (see fiddle below). I don't even know what was my reasoning to do that 2) Each call of playground() creates a new application - you have two applications now. I have modified your fiddle - that's how you set paths. https://jsfiddle.net/hgwqjyua/ * Fiddle doesn't work on chrome because you are linking playground.js directly from github and it doesn't want to execute it because github is sending it with MIME type text/plain.
  12. @WombatTurkeyI have no idea but the codebase is rather small and written in C++ I simply think websocket/ws adds a big overhead in comparison especially when it comes to message encoding where it creates tons of intermediate objects.
  13. @danzel Thanks for your intervention on Github - I would leave it as is if you haven't poked the topic and now we have that fixed - and dear God - this lib IS fast. @ZISGAMING21: There are TONS of ideas - but there are two problems - I am working alone currently (splitting the time for freelance as I still have commitments to fulfill) - the second one is that the game is not popular enough to add more modes that require match making - it results in extremely long waiting times - nevertheless yeah - there will be mage, and shaman hero soon - then archer. Soccer and CTF game modes.
  14. @ZISGAMING21 It's not your fault mate - the game has been under DDoS attack. It should be working by now. @danzel Lovely idea. I would add up more juice to it - the fade out animation doesn't feel rewarding for clearing out the blocks - especially you should differentiate visual reward between clearing up 3, 4, 5 or more blocks. 1) If you want to decrease the bandwidth usage with one line of code - compress your JSON with LZW 2)Tho I would change this {x: 44, color: 6, type: 0} into a fixed [44, 6, 0] and go with BiSON - https://github.com/BonsaiDen/BiSON.js Above all - if
  15. @danzel The library is great in terms of performance (clearly faster that websockets/ws) but I am getting serious spikes/lags for an unknown reason. Arrival times between packets. 0 means that two updates arrived at the same time - so it either fails to deliver or postpone delivery. That's not the case with websocket/ws
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