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  1. Yes, I used the code you have given. Compiled through Cocoon, but the resolution is off. It ends up bigger than the screen (I'd say about 30-40% bigger)
  2. Anyone? This is the only thing left holding me from releasing it!
  3. While it fills the whole screen, now its bigger than the screen itself. Tested in several devices and desktop
  4. Hi guys, In the last days I've been trying to compile my first game, using the cocoon cloud compiler. It's not been easy an easy task, filled with loads of trials and errors. I feel there's a huge lack of (good) documentation on the cocoon side. Either way, I finally manage to do it. However, my canvas settings (which are: game = new Phaser.Game("100%", "100%", Phaser.AUTO, 'game', null, true);) result in a white gap below the canvas element, which I think is the same as the android toolbar before it hides. Any idea on how to fix this issue?
  5. I'm pretty noob with Phaser also, I'd say we have +- the same experience and for disclosure, I haven't checked your source code. Given this, here are my two cents. Use the onComplete callback, instead of a timer. Also, I'd add a propriety to each tile upon creation (tile.alive = true), change it to false when the combo is done and use an if condition (if(tile.alive)) in helper functions like checkMatches() etc. Hope it helps!
  6. gca

    GUI - Html or Canvas

    Hi guys, I'm very new into the game dev scene (1 week new). My idea is to develop games using Phaser and then compile it, using phonegap, for mobile devices. In this scenario - as I see some no-nos in others. Is it bad practice to use html + jquery and gsap to create the gui of the game, instead of the canvas? I bring a lot of experience of dom manipulation into this new venture and I didn't like the way of positioning things around the canvas. Pixels, ew. I was on my way, building a javascript grid based on the phaser api, to mitigate the previous ew-remark, when I remembered good old html. But... standards, and you got to love standards. What's your view on this subject?