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  1. how you set a enviroment variables in parcel? CANVAS_RENDERER=true WEBGL_RENDERER=true EXPERIMENTAL=false PLUGIN_CAMERA3D=false PLUGIN_FBINSTANT=false like those ? in webpack you use a definePlugin. thx
  2. @Antriel Where is the github repo of this ? i want to submit some PR
  3. What do you think about setting a deadline? maybe Feb 28 ? so we can start the project on 1º Mar
  4. so... where is "official" repo, where we can make a PR ? maybe we can use the official one? https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser3-project-template @rich are you agree?
  5. I would love to join you too guys. 1. Must have a CI and CD 2. Enviroments support 3. Hot reload 4. Webpack-dev-server support Best! Danny edit: some example of: https://github.com/RiCoTeRoX/phaser3-advanced-boilerplate
  6. Phaser 3 boilerplate. Features: Enviroments configuration ES6 with babel Dev mode with webpack dev server and hot-reloading Eslint Prettier and another hot stuff Its not perfect, i know. Some help on report issues or some PR will help. These is for you guys, for the community https://github.com/RiCoTeRoX/phaser3-advanced-boilerplate
  7. hi! i wonder if anyone can give me some advice with this funcionality with phaser 3 thank you!
  8. Hi ! phaser/v3 is now alive in /phaser@v3.0.0-beta.16 Tutorials and examples maybe, maybe, are wrong.
  9. I just follow the guide from v3 repo. But this can be doing as you say, build from source.
  10. @mattstyles the "postinstall" works. I assume that @WizaEric's package have "dependencies": { "phaser": "^3.0.0-beta.15" }, in that case it work. At least works for me.
  11. hi @WizaEric. add this to package.json script "postinstall": "cd ./node_modules/phaser yarn && yarn upgrade && yarn build" then run yarn or npm install Cheers !