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  1. Hey, just added playable browser version to the itch.io, go check it out! =) https://jakespeedrun.itch.io/jake-life-speedrun
  2. Jake - Life speedrun is a game where you are running through your life. All the way from being a sperm cell to an old man to the grave. Basically you have two goals: Survive and do it as fast as possible. games inspirers have been happy wheels and super meat boy. The game we made has been done with passion and with a zero budget. We recommend you to try it out. You are going to enjoy the gameplay and its' story filled with rough humor. Game has been made with Phaser.io and pc version has been converted to .exe from html. It is also on Google Play! Lest make phaser game most downloaded at itch.io. Now we are at top 15 on funny games category and with your help we can raise even more. Heck, you can even just go press download and delete file instantly if you dont want to play our game. Download links: itch.io (.exe) : https://jakespeedrun.itch.io/jake-life-speedrun Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jake.lifespeedrun.mainos Here's also a 'RadiCarl's playtrough of JAKEs life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIZDm1FwK6w Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JakeLifeSpeedrun twitter: https://twitter.com/jakespeedrun Have nice playing sessions with JAKE - Life Speedrun! Yours Team Jake =)
  3. THIS! Thank you so much =) For future, if someone is having same problem, here is how i did it on intel xdk: go to intelxdk.config.additions.xml file and type: <intelxdk:crosswalk xwalk-command-line="--ignore-gpu-blacklist" /> this lets blacklist devices use webgl Hope it helps someone =)
  4. Hey, we are using a Phaser 2.4.3, its build with intel xdk and it uses admob. Problem: Seems like older and less powerful phones run our game perfectly (galaxy s3, honor holly, all the sonys) but when it comes to newer phones ie. honor6/7, galaxy s5, game stucks to the white screen at the start and never goes anywhere from there. Can webGL cause the problem, or the canvas system overall? Does anyone know any solution for this, all help is needed?
  5. Hey, i have a 'deathscreen' state in my game, which starts when player dies. It prints top-5 highscores from backend to death-screen, gives you continue button and restart button. Question is, that is there an option to call previous state in phaser? So when you press 'continue-button', previous state starts? I cant use this.game.state.start('game3'); or this.game.state.restart, because when you die, the 'previous' state can be any level between 1-8. The reason i have own state for my death-screen is, that when i try load json inside preload of game state, it wont print anything after player dies and game does death-screen function.