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  1. Yes! That sort of works, well it does, but for some reason the canvas is continue to enlarge until it's all the way zoomed in.
  2. That just changes the canvas size, and does not scale the actual tileset or sprite. Sorry if i was vague, but I was trying to make it so the sprite, and tilset were scaled up to the window size. Go from this to this. I would just need to smooth out the tileset and sprite for it to look crisp, but is there any code that can do what I just showed you? (Just enlarging it.)
  3. Hi, I have a side scroller which is using a 16x16 tiles that comes out pretty tiny on my monitor, so I would like to be able to scale the game up, kind of like when you zoom in on chrome I'm aware of this post, but nothing on there is helping me. I know you can use the example.smoothed = false; for crisp, which isn't a problem it's scaling the entire game up that is a problem. Whenever I try adding any of this to the code it breaks, and says " SHOW_ALL is undefined" game.stage.scaleMode = Phaser.StageScaleMode.SHOW_ALL; //resize your window to see the stage resize toogame.stage.scale.setShowAll();game.stage.scale.refresh(); Source code: