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  1. Hi there, I'm having the same issue. I need a scrolling background that changes as the game progresses. For the moment I have a tileSprite that I scroll endlessly using autoScroll but that's it. Let's say I have two 300x500 px backgrounds and in a given moment of the game I need to change from background1 to background2 seamlessly. You talked about using groups but then I would't be able to use autoScroll. I'm a bit confused on how should I implement this. I need some help (Don't take into consideration the two backgrounds not matching in the image)
  2. As I understand your question you'll need a HTML5 app and then port it to different platforms using phonegap for example. Take a look in the official site.
  3. Around 40 fps on the Iphone5. I also wanted to do a game of a kind, but never got the time Looks pretty good IMO, needs some fine tuning for sure, but the basics are there
  4. Same with FF, also it freezes when I press the space bar
  5. Great work! Will use Phaser in my next game
  6. Just played it on the iPhone5. quick things I see: -If there is sound, safari doesn't play it -background parallax effect it's just weird. It only advances when you touch (make rise) the rocked so feels a bit odd
  7. Works fine on Iphone5. I like the game. Some of the easy levels (I played those) are almost identical and don't offer anything new to the player.
  8. Do you know of any free game engine that would be suited to teach youngsters how to make (simple) HTML5 games? I'm preparing a project focused in my local basque speaking community and I would like to offer the basic resources so the teen can make their own games. I know for example Scratch, that is a very nice tool to make games for kids, but I would like to also offer some basic HTML5 content.
  9. I have to admit that the game surprised me in a very positive way. I've clicked the game in marketjs with low expectations but the little insects almost melted my heart! haha Well done. PS:Ok, sound is not playing in Firefox for me. Just for the info.
  10. Love the style and love games that tell a story! in the first gate I entered from the right side, so I get out from the gate on the right side and as I was pressing left key, it entered again and it entered again and again... some crazy teleportation! it has potential!
  11. That's smart , I didn't even think of that possibility! So you suggest doing this: canvas.width *= window.devicePixelRatio;canvas.height *= window.devicePixelRatio;canvas.getContext("2d").scale(window.devicePixelRatio, window.devicePixelRatio); While drawing with double sized sprites and downscaling them by window.devicePixelRatio in the drawImage() call. I'll definitely give it a try
  12. This helped to clear some fog from my mind! Thanks! i'll try this approach or if availabre I'll try to use bigger sprites and proper coordinates so I don't have to scale up the context.
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