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  1. Hello my friends, I have been gone for quite a long time because of those bastards at codeandweb.com making people pay for their stupid texture atlas program with a dumb gui. However, I have decided that I am not going to take it anymore. That is why I have created Rat Pack Texture Atlas Creator 100% for free. I would like to see the look on the face of the greedy red handed theiving bastards at codeandweb.com right now. Yep, 100% FOR FREE. I feel a bit bad for codeandweb.com, it must feel sad seeing your last slave be emancipated, leaving you all alone. AND no stupid gui, Rat Pack is for commandline only, so you can use it as quickly and easily as possible. you will not need to wait for a program to load up, just type whenever you update your sprites and it will all be there waiting for you with no messing about. TOUCH THE POWER NOW. VISIT https://github.com/dalygbarron/rat
  2. for me the menu buttons at the top would not work
  3. don't worry, I figured it out. Just add an onclick function to a button outside phaser from the phaser code and you're goo to go
  4. Hello my beloved friends. I am trying to make a thing where you can edit JSON in a text box, and then press a html button and then make phaser reload new info from the textbox so I would like to ask if it is possible to send a trigger to phaser from the outside world
  5. well I found the way you just had a few numbers you could apply kinda annoying, but maybe it's just that I kept forgetting what they were. If the ui showed you what numbers each person could use even when they were not selected it might help you strategise
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    I like the 3d renders
  7. Hello friends, I am seeking a team of experienced developers to help me build the ultimate MMORPG game. For too long, mmorpg games have been missing that special something and we are going to bring it to the world. Here is what my ideal team will look like: Director / ideas man (me) concept artists (two still needed) 3d artist texturer area designer who can work from my idea descriptions one thing that this game will have which no others have is my idea of the alaein race and you see the women have four breasts, so this will provide quite a challenge but if anyone can provide me with concept art of this as soon as possible that would be good. THERE WILL BE PAY at first I cannot pay you, but once the game is profitable, we will all get an even share of the profits, according to how important we were to the project.
  8. unity is ebola, just code your mmorpg in three.js, and have some server and stuff and the game is in the server you see
  9. The gameplay is a good idea, although I think that the way it is played could probably be tweaked
  10. Hello my dearest friends. Let me present to you a new computer video game that I like to call Cavern of Spines: https://danyburton.itch.io/cavern-of-spines After some heavy workshopping, my games no longer cause blindness or spontaneous orgasm, so now there is no reason not to indulge yourself also it is two player, and also for that reason the menus are streamlined
  11. also, the engine is open source for thos eof you who also awnat to make a bullet hell game
  12. Here is a fresh new computer video game made by me and 100% guaranteed to spook you right out. This game has naked ladies, spiders, blood, spice, vines and every other thing that the whole family loves, so quit wasting your life and play the best game you will ever see. https://danyburton.itch.io/vobangora-gorad-dortsars
  13. the only real problems are you land too slow and when you jump on the goombas they often kill you. it's pretty good otherwise
  14. Hello friends, I have been making some tilesheets that I don't know the dimensions of each tile in. I could check, but it is a pain so I would rather not, so I would like to be able to just say how many tiles are in the sheet, and assuming the whole thing is horizontal, it should be able to infer the size of each tile. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to do this, but if there is then I would like to find it out THankyou
  15. function* goSpooky(time) { var totalTime = 0; while (totalTime < time) { totalTime += yield; var alpha = 1 - totalTime / time; if (alpha < 0) alpha = 0; for (var i = 1;i < state.tilemap.layers.length;i++) { state.tilemap.forEach ( function(tile) { tile.alpha = alpha; },this,0,0,state.tilemap.width,state.tilemap.height,i ); state.tilemap.layers[i].dirty = true; } } } here's my code if anyone ever desires it
  16. don't worry, turns out I was trying to set the alpha to like -800 or something
  17. hello friends, I have been trying to smoothly fade out certain layers of a tilemap, but have not been successful. I can get the tiles to dissapear, but I cannot get them to fade out. Thankyou for any help
  18. I couldn't get past the hive yet, but it's pretty nice. Personally I prefer roguelikes to not be real time, but most people probably like real time better so that is understandable. I think the difficulty is at a good level for what it is and the game is fun, I like it better than pixel dungeon, unless I'm thinking of something else
  19. Yeah that is fair enough. I think they are too aggressive, and they take up too much room. I think maybe there are too many of them, but that is up to you
  20. At least the programs used to make the graphics can be replaced with new ones anyway
  21. it's fun and polished, although I found the enemies kind of annoying
  22. what about this creature?