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    Games in any form while my work as business agent at Y8 constrains me for online browser games made in html5 or unity webgl.

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  1. ah, that explains why i don't have tons of followers at twitter.. (lol i hope that was the real reason ) We have coverage for webgl and html5 too. The ecpm varies, around 1-3 usd and the current rev share is 50/50 of in-game video ads. Additionally, M Yawer, we are working on offering an content ads share as well, but that is work in progress. The revenue generated varies per game and style, especially by the traffic that plays and views/use the ads. I cannot give you a specific answer, as providing such answer won't be final. Your game(s) might earn more, might earn less, its different per case. You could give it a try on a game or two and find out. The build also varies, and although I could say less is better, I must mention that Russian Car Driver is close to 100mb and its still a big hit. I suppose size justify the game quality. p.s. feel free to send me the games samples on private message here, and thanks for the twit, i'll update it now
  2. Hi M Yawer, We are adding in-game video ads in our (and partnered of course) unity webgl games, and publish to our network. The ads are setup to appear once every couple of minute, and they are coming with skip button. You can check some examples here, how the ads perform and show directly. Slope game Y8 Moto Loco HD racing game Y8 and others of our newest webgls which can be found here New Unity WebGL Game at Y8, order by date And if you are interested in the partnership, send me a message or reply here and we'll get that going for your game(s)
  3. Hi, I've sent you an email about in-game video ads partnership on this game with Y8.com Looking forward deeper collaboration. Zoki
  4. With all the io mp games out there, it's a little surprise to see a classic 2d platform action game, all packed with mp and smart ai opponents. What would be nice to have, expanded keybord control+mouse or some hints about the game controls limits (even in main menu, keyboard is needed). I though french people, like you, prefer zqwerty keyboard? Flamethrower sound might be bugged, some visual effect on weapons could be neat (althoug might be problematic for performance or development), and the shooting visual effect might be too epileptic for users, as they can be kind of distracting. That is at least for me. Would be good to have some platforms to jump through, or even fall through, something moviable, etc.. A multipalyer game you say? How many people will be maxed in one room/event/play? A small transparent minimap might come in handy for those big maps. What other games you've made, btw? Anything published as final yet?
  5. Thank you. This topic should be open as long as it takes so that everyone can have their thoughts/questions cleared out from our side, and most importantly, if anyone has any game problems like Phaser911 which we can help with, we are here to help in HTML5 devs forum.
  6. CrazyGames were contacted 3 months ago and they replied that our games will be taken of their website. You are right, our Protection System was not made to help us become exclusive on our games. It was made for protecting against hacksers and websites outlinks. The API was implemented in the game, not remotely on our servers, so we could not simply update all of our games. It is upto whether they want to resolve the problem fully or not. If you are in close contact with them, you can freely give them a notice about this and any other games from our side.
  7. I'm glad to hear that your game is working good for you. Let me know if I can help you anyhow else. Actually, Ozdy, we had our API protection for separating the good websites from bad websites, for close to 2 years so far. Sadly, it was not efficient enough and always new sites were raising with their new "we just tested out, we are sorry, it was a bug" excuses. So since everyone was making money based on our own back, we decided to simple keep on exclusivity on our site as other big sites were doing through the years.
  8. Hello, My name is Zoki and I represent Y8.com and network. First of all I would like to apologize to all developers and webmasters and forums out there which were not notified about our actions. Since the falling of FGL and TA, it is not easy to be upto date with the public. To answer your questions and worries, we notified as many websites as we could for our actions and all of them have two months or so, transition time which they could use to replace or remove or resolve their end. The decision was taken around September 2018 and since then we were in discussion and noticing all developers we could. I must say that your statement of your Mario flash games not workign on other sites, is not completely true as other member verifeid, the game Mario in Jungle also works for me at 4j website. There is a screenshot of it, tho, i can share it if needed...Furthermore I personally have not licensed any copyrighted game, little less to be Mario style, so maybe there is a confusion about the problem you are describing? If you prefer I can gladly update or remove your game(s) on our network. Now back on the more important information, which you are all probably interested in hearing it. Why we decide to take such drastic action? Well that is not a simple and short story to tell, but let me give it a try. Since 3 years ago or so, we heavily pushed into buying and licensing games from all types, all devs, all genres, everyone. This was almost the same time when FGL market declared "flash is dead" and other publishers were focusing on other markets (steam, mobile, their own standalone portal versions, etc..) During that period of three years of buying games, we have *licensed and supported* developers of more than 2000 games. None of any other competitor website has invested that much, as we had invested in buying games. During those years of investing into developers, our competitors had tons of fun hacking our games, blocking the outlinks of our games, and even taking variants of future names of our hit games. DMCA reports, legal notices and even Google, were not securing our investment and our games, neither the competitors were playing fair games as we had. While we rarely released games with iconic more games button, or animated thumbnails of our other games, www.Y8.com upload form was spammed with games with animated thumbnails, flashy outlink buttons and even rewards outlinks. Meaning, as a thanks that we were licensing exclusive games and releasing them with fair branding and minimal outlinks, the respond we got from competitors were cloned games with 5+ outlinks even on one scene! That is crazy thanks, isn't it? Additional topic to mention. Since we started investing into games *before* they were released, other websites were playing safe by offering ads revenue share programs. We tried that 2 years ago with our own solution, which unfortunately it didn't worked out due the restriction which Google had with flash games and ads inside flash objects. You might have heard that Chrome banned flash, Mozilla follows it as well, and soon flash will be permannelty avoided to be used. What you don't know, is that the WebGL games licensing period was extremely hard as in the first year there was *no* support from Unity, browsers were eating the ram in the games, and sometimes even the sound was not able to play as it should be. It was a difficult time for WebGL games, but I can personally say that with our focus of directly investing into an experimental technology for web games during the start of WebGL Games, Y8.com become a leader in quality and inovation when it comes to this market for web games. While others websites were not even able to purchase the $1500 license of unity software, were were sharing few license with close developers to work on their games. While others needed minutes to load a 90mb+ webgl game to their players, Y8.com was already resolving the http and https mess caused by iframing webgls experimental games. And normally, as a thanks of our competitors we started getting our games stolen and rehosted on their servers, normally with rebranded links or blocked outlinks. Bonus was also that when our competitors started to "create/clone" webgl games, their webgl games were coming with a fancy bottom banner supporing their awesome website throughout the whole game! Well, bravo! Now we will also play safe and soon will publish our Google Ads revenue share program, really soon. So, yes, it just a question of time when www.Y8.com will stop its game distribution, due the fact that market is shrinking and the people inside are playing dirty. Thank you all for reading, and if there is anything i can help/answer you, let me know here or in private.
  9. Booom, the Time Hotel blasted all games, and won the grand prize of $5,000!! http://www.y8.com/games/time_hotel View the prize winners here: https://forum.id.net/t/prize-winners-10-000-y8-com-id-net-contest/1272/5 Play all contest games here: http://www.y8.com/tags/game_contest_2016 and thanks to all for participating, judging and playing on our contest!!
  10. All games are published live! Check them here: http://www.y8.com/tags/game_contest_2016 Thank you all for participating, and good luck to all games!!
  11. Contest is closed! Thanks for all submissions, and good luck to all games List of games will be provided soon, and lastly, the results will be awarded at 23rd of March!
  12. I'm glad to hear the ID.init was helpful for you, Haden. Login doesn't count for ID feature, as its used for the ID features. You can use ID Highscore and ID achievements, so there won't be online save profiles.
  13. We have the game, sure, but it needs to fit the criteria, Ivan..
  14. Game name? p.s. you need to hurry up and implement the features and the eggs and the portals..
  15. Oh, we are counting on you, Ivan, and our bet is pretty high that you can do a great game But don't forget to register your email at the official contest page: http://dev.id.net/contest/ Good luck!!