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  1. SolarJS, could you elaborate on your sharp answer to C ? If a game developer implements A (ads support), doesn't it make sense to also provide an in-game purchase option to remove those ads ?
  2. The no-random limitation is a problem on Jocly only for the current AI. We are working at a new version that will allow non-perfect information games to be handled, it will also manage any number of players.
  3. If it's a 2-players game with no random and you want to run it for the Web (desktop and mobile), you may want to have a look at Jocly. It features a number of hexagon-based boardgames like 5 Chess variants (Brusky, De Vasa, Glinski, McCooey, Shafran), Yohoho and Crescendo, with source code to be used as examples. Plus, you will benefit a UML-based AI, WebGL 3D, live games between remote players, WebRTC for players to see each other's webcam in the board scene. Details of the API are available on the Jocly Wiki.
  4. We haven't noticed any real issues with AngularJS on mobile so far. There is only one thing worth noticing. We make an extensive use of AngularJS views (ng-view) and dynamic templates. This means some HTML code is loaded and injected into the page DOM based on user actions. Some browsers may have issues with that for security reasons. This is the case of Chrome when using the "file: //" scheme. The workaround consists of preloading all HTML fragments at startup, and embedding them into script tags using the attribute type as "ng-template". This solves the security issue and makes things loads much faster since you don't rely on a network connection that may have been degraded at the time you need it.
  5. The adSense banner at the bottom of the Jocly page performs remarkably well, so we just need more users to make this service a good business. But yes, we are still looking for other monetisation options.
  6. There are generally between 10 and 20 players at the same time on the Jocly hub, increasing over the weeks. Jocly is quite different from Player.io. As we focus (for now) on 2 players board games, we can provide a much deeper support to games that fit into this category, like generic AI and all the games source code. We also now added support to easily get 3D interfaces like in Yohoho or Chess
  7. Very very nice ! Do you plan to open your code in some way for developers to add new card games ?