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  1. Obrigado! Fico feliz que vocĂȘ tenha gostado. To english speakers: Thanks! I'm happy you liked it.
  2. Coopera Play: A cooperative multiplayer game where all players command the same avatar! Call your friends to play! Learn how they behave, try to guess their moves and use this to choose your best way to collaborate with the team. Maybe you'll collaborate better with each other after playing this game? Source code This game should work well on mobile. You can play alone, but it's not much fun since the mechanics are extremely simple. If there is no one else online, you can starting playing and people can still enter your room. Being simple, mobile playable and cooperative, it's a nice game to play with family and children. This time didn't use Phaser, since I was already using VueJS and wanted to keep graphics simple (pure DOM elements and CSS).
  3. Thanks for the reply! I agree, the movement isn't very good... What would you have in mind for a smoother movement or mask edges? I used tweens to move the sprites, map and fade in/out the mask (border map sprites). And that helped a lot. But after that I'm not sure about what else to do. One possibility would be to render all the map that fits in screen...
  4. In this simple game you are the fearsome Mapinguari, a mythical creature from the Amazon rainforest, and must scare some villains out of the forest. Direct link: Code:
  5. @Sebastian Maybe there is a less ugly way, but for now I'm doing this hack: ='audios') = function (marker, volume) { if (volume === undefined) { volume = 1; } this.sounds[marker].allowMultiple = true return this.sounds[marker].play(marker, null, volume, false, false) } The last `false` disables `forceRestart`: So I'm replacing the function because it seems it forces audio restart: Yeah, `allowMultiple` could be set only once, outside of the function, but... It's just an ugly hack until a proper way shows up. If there is no proper way, maybe this needs a pull request?
  6. Yes. =) You mean without Phaser? Yes, I think so. I used Phaser mostly for I/O, asset loading and some visual effects.
  7. Thanks. =) The images are rendered using LuxRender. It's a very powerfull render, but stil too slow for realtime rendering. A single image can take hours to render. For a realtime experience (fully 3D as you said) you'll probably need +30 images rendered per second. There are efforts to make LuxRender faster (using OpenCL/CUDA), but AFAIK it's still too slow for a game. Anyway, you have to install it, you can't run it on the browser. That's why the images in this game need to be prerended. Each of them took +45min to render (for a total of more than 1 week) and they still could use more time to reduce "granularity". That said, the scenes I made are quite poor compared to what LuxRender can achieve (look at the image below, more at its galery). But the same technique used for this game could be used to have games with that image quality.
  8. Hello! This is my first try with an HTML5 game. It's more like a proof of concept using prerendered images, so it's like 2.5D, not real 3D. There is plenty of room for improvement, but I probably won't do it now (and maybe never) so I thought it would be better to release it as it is. The gameplay is a bit... unconventional. Audio is a fundamental part of it: walk through a maze being guided by the sounds you hear. Warning: the screens look better than the game really is, so lower your expectations. Repository with more info: PLAY!