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  1. Hi, I made list of phaser plugins and etc from 2014-2016, if any plugins missing, please add it. https://github.com/Raiper34/awesome-phaser
  2. Hi, I seek for vector graphic designer, I need 2 characters with animations (walking, droping bomb, detonate bomb, dig hole) for now, and I want to know, If I got money for it or not for now... Can you contact me with orientation price and your work at raipergm34@gmail.com ? Thanks.
  3. Please even if you do not want this API, fill this form, fill what do you think is most important on JS game api. Please, It take about 30 second
  4. Hi, I am wokring on web platform and API for JS Games, now I want to know, what feature would you like to use, if this platform wil be exist. It shoudl be API like Google play game servise, Game Center, or Steam. Achievements, highscore tables... Please help me and fill simple 3 questions form. Thanks https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ODFAOl9FH9ZmokC_NKsbqqdsQtPSjHjmHVigDszBmYk/viewform
  5. Hi, I give my game to some company and they have problem with only audio files, it gives 404 file not found, I do not know, where an be problem, can anybody help me?
  6. sprite.destroy() ???? Or I completelly do not understand? :-D
  7. Hi, How to disable iphone vertical scroll? I have got meta viewport tag in head, and i add overflow: hidden CSS to body, but still I can scroll. How to solve this? I solved it using position:fixed to html but i dono like it....
  8. Can I ask, what is advantage of this? Why to use it?
  9. Hmmm but is this global sprite only stop redner, or it is destory? This is maybe right question.
  10. Hi, Yesterday I searched for Leadbolt integration guide for Phaser, but I could find nothing, so I decided to make my own plugin. I made show Appwall for now, but I try to amke showBanner ad, but no succces now. You can find it here: https://github.com/Raiper34/Phaser-LeadboltAds-Plugin If you like it, please star repository. Thanks!
  11. Or better, is it still in memory? Shoudl I destroy it manually?
  12. Hi, I created global sprite in state this way player = this.add(...)When i go to another state, is it costuming memory or not? What if i change it to game.add(...) is this in memory, even if there is not sprite on the screen? It is maybe not problem about phaser, but canvas but i want to know it and i do not know how this problem google it, maybe you do not understand me too... Thanks.
  13. Hi, What is difference between this.add.sprite() and game.add.sprite() in State? Thanks.
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