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  1. Hello rich, here is a simplyfied look at what i am doing,
  2. I tried moving from 2.4.4 to 2.4.7 but had the issue with de overlap function. I am comparing a twenning group with a static sprite, and neither the overlap or de collide function work now. I tried also building from the dev branch but that didn`t worked neither , i was just doing, sprite, callback, null, this ) and now it doesn't work, the function return false allways. Also i tried to add a little velocity to the sprites on the group but didn't work. Any advice? I would like to use some of the new camera features. Thanks for reading!
  3. Hello There, I am having the same problem with my game. I have a tween that has a duration of 800 milliseconds doing a change on the "y" property of a sprite. On desktop takes exactly 800 milliseconds to finish at 60 fps, but on mobile devices, also at 60fps the tween runs slower, it takes like 1200 milliseconds to make the distance. The time.elapsed variable has the same value on both desktop and mobile, that is 16 or 17. I solved the problem using game.forceSingleUpdate = true, but the tileSprite background started to autoScroll at very different speeds across devices. Is there a clean way to make tweens behave properly across devices without using game.forceSingleUpdate = true? Thanks for your help!