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  1. Total threejs/3D noob here. I currently have a static background in a photoshop document. I want to bring it into a threejs scene and have it move around a little with perspective as you mouse around. Basically what they're doing on this site, but with an image instead of video: I assume this is more than just a flat plane as the image kind of warps as it goes off the side of the screen. I understand the basics of adding materials to objects but I'm not sure what kind of object I need for this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Sweet, this totally works! I tried tinting before from a colored graphic which yielded weird results. Having a white base image works perfectly though. Really appreciate your help! Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Do you mean to have the wave image itself be white and then do what? Tint it?
  4. It can be RGBA or a hex as long as it's solid, such as 0xff0000 or #ff0000.
  5. Total pixi noob here. I'm loading in a texture from an image file and need to dynamically change its color. The image is basically a flat wave-like shape that I want to be able to make different colors dynamically. I tried tinting a sprite but that only tints and doesn't make the color 100% opaque. What's the proper way to do this? Some sort of filter? I figure the answer to this is really simple, but I've poked around the API and am not seeing it. Thanks for any help!