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  1. Hey everyone, i am a game dev since a while now but i got into the html5 games few weeks ago, i wanted to show you guys some demos of my games and want to hear ur opinion about it : The first game is called "Paoro" , its an endless scoring type game, very easy to play and addictive, all the player needs is to press any button to jump , then he must climp the highest possible avoiding more than 40 possible obstacles: screenshot: link : https://kayisse.itch.io/paoro?secret=QNlASGCXcUtJdhTqgNSnzsdqiI The second game is called Tynoo, its an endless game too but lil bit more complicated and original in the same time, the player in this game must defend the moon from the falling asteroids by shooting the right color at the right asteroids, he will have to mix for example: red and blue to get the purple shoot..etc screenshot: link : https://12walid34.itch.io/tynoo-html-demo?secret=2o0Mf8ktV6y2lyk2sxfuxIDSbo the last is a project still in progress, it's called "kyo", its about a ninja with some special skill who solve puzzles , avoid traps, fighting enemies..etc, its a 2D platformer with a black/white art style like limbo, i've uploaded few levels so you guys tell me what you think of it, screenshot(taken from the mobile test verson): link: https://12walid34.itch.io/kyo-html-demo (use the arrow keys to move and numpad2 to shoot ) the first two games can be found for free in android (playstore) , the last is still in developpement like i said, we still have some other games but we didnt build the html versions of them, i want to know what you guys think of our games ? which parts are good and which are bad ? how much does this small games usually cost ? is it normal that we haven't got any revenue yet ( yeap 0$) , i tried to contact so many sponsors i've seen in this forum, only armorgames replied and they said they were not interested thanks for the feedback, enjoy
  2. cool art, how much does a concept art like this one cost approximately ? for example if we have the character already and want some loading screens
  3. if you have ever dreamed to have your game in arabic, pm me
  4. the website doesnt work, i tried tp contact via the email and skype, still waiting...
  5. 12walid34


    waw, cool project you have there , really awesome
  6. thanks alot Ozdy , i will try to post demos as soon as possible so you guys give me your opinion about the game directly instead of screenshots hope i can learn alot from you guys
  7. thanks for your reply permith, so you think that my next step is to start looking for sponsors by my self on the internet ? does my work look enough for that yet ? and i will publish in the game showcase more details about each game i guess
  8. Hey everyone, i am new in this forum and also new to HTML5 games industry, i posting this here cause i was kinda lost in this forum and google researches, what really made me lost are articles and posts on forums which are out of dated, and things probably changed since then. i am a game developper since a while now and i have already made several cool games using game engines , which export to HTML of course after some code adjusting, and now i want to know how can i find offers or who to contact to publish my games on revenu sharing websites, or maybe even sell a non-exclusive version to some websites. i will show you guys some screenshots of my games, and tell me if my level is good enough for the market, and whats the next step i must do: Thanks for the help