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  1. If you want to start testing WebGL 2 in TypeScript I have already written a definition file right here that you can use Reason I wrote this is because I couldn't find reliable ones on Internet (they were very obsolete) and currently TypeScript doesn't support WebGL 2 Edit: In order to use WebGL 2 API in code you need to write: const CANVAS: HTMLCanvasElement = document.getElementById("myCanvas") as HTMLCanvasElement; // get canvas element let GL: WebGLRenderingContext & WebGL2RenderingContext = CANVAS.getContext("webgl2") as any; // get webgl2 context
  2. OMAR


    @c75 this is a cool concept. Just put some music, score tracking and of course, ability to restart the game without refreshing the page, and this can become a really nice game, loved it.
  3. OMAR


    Check this and lines 206-217 here. Also it would be better if you checked this PG it helped me a lot:
  4. OMAR


    What's weird though is that in Edge and IE somehow it fails to load the music, I don't know why. Another note: There is also a problem of particle texture not getting loaded on almost every site except Github. Server gives 404 error, and again, don't know why
  5. OMAR


    This is the main reason I made its source available to the public, "Imagine"... All the magic happens when others get involved. NeoTrap's source code is available on Github, you can fork it, change it, add or remove some stuff, do whatever you want
  6. OMAR


    Jumping over the cones is possible but really hard. Regarding the music, I've got 18 of them you can choose whichever you like from the combobox in menu Have fun
  7. OMAR


    My game called NeoTrap is finished. I still have some ideas of improving it but I have finals and other school stuff so unfortunately there won't be enough time. Check it out: I have submitted my game to ludum dare: Gamejolt link: link: Newgrounds:
  8. OMAR


    All right guys I've been working on this game and I think it is finished (I have some other ideas about it but there are finals coming so I probably won't be able to do them) Check it out it is called NeoTrap I have submitted my game to ludum dare: Gamejolt link: link: Newgrounds:
  9. Is it possible to create kind of moving animations for these?
  10. For example here we have horizontal and vertical animations: When I call scene.beginAnimation it starts all the animations in the animations list of box, however I was wondering if there was a way of calling only one of the animations?
  11. I prefer xampp. You can have much more control using xampp than wamp I guess.
  12. Go to your soundcloud account, click on the "3 dots button" on the upright of the page, click developers, register your app, get your client id, get your track id (by clicking embed share on the music track of your choice) and you're good to go! Take care
  13. So I've checked the docs here: This is all cool and stuff, but I was wondering whether there could be a way of calling specific animation from the animations list of mesh? Thanks
  14. Did somebody say moveWithCollision? -> This is not my PG this is one of the RaananW's treasures btw @En929 Some of the collision magic has been discussed here: Plus you can also check
  15. There's been a similar discussion on the forums here: There is probably no such thing as "most important", usually it's the combination of many things that can "de-optimize" your WebGL apps. Take care!