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  1. Hey Omar, how are you?  I hope well.

       I want to thank you for your help in answering forum questions.  Nice work!  Consider yourself a member of the League of Extraordinary Custodians.  You are a super-fast learning fellow, and you drive BabylonJS as well as any of us.  You ask great questions, and you experiment with the parts of BJS that NEED experimenting-with  (to help us find bugs/issues, and help us write good docs).

    I'm glad you are hanging-around with us.  Your brains, energy, friendly ways, and innovative thinking... will be highly-cherished around here.  Thanks again!   Keep up the great work.

    1. OMAR


      Thanks @Wingnut currently I'm in university so I cannot spend much time on Babylon.js

       I guess I have to wait for the summer  to actually start fully-working with Babylon

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