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  1. I try to follow the tutorial, and when I click Ember setup http://www.affinityengine.org/#/api/engine/installation/ember I get a blank page. It looks like this only happens when I open from a new tab (CTRL + Click)
  2. Hi , what happens exactly after 3 month , after a game is posted? Is it possible to post a game on this platform as well as another ? How much money does an average game make in 1 month (last month for example for all games on average) How do you give money ?
  3. GrosSacASacs


    Is this a joke ? Or fishing ?
  4. Could you give us context ? Why does this project exist. A brief comparison with what already exists would also be nice .
  5. I import mesh from a json babylon file into BabylonJS with BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh, I then use scene.beginAnimation(allMeshes[meshName], 0, 100, true); This works well for 1 animation. How can I have multiple animation for 1 mesh ( walking, running, idle, laughing) and use it in Babylon ? In Blender you can give names to the different actions. I searched the docs but didn't found an answer. 1 temporary solution I see, import the same mesh with 1 different animation multiples times, and when we want to start an animation we replace the mesh with the same at the same position ex
  6. I don't think it matters who I am. This is not how open source works. I am not attacking you, I am trying to help. If you think everything is perfect, say so. I am not communication god, I don't use the best words. 30Fps in chrome and firefox latest, pc hardware: Processor 3.4 GHz Core i7 6700 RAM 16 GB DDR4 Memory Speed 2133 MHz Hard Drive 1 TB SATA Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GTX 745 4GB DDR3
  7. Thanks alot for the constructive answers. Let me rephrase this question " Why is BabylonJs slower than what it could be ? ": What changes could we make to make a future BabylonJs version faster than the current one ? or ; Is BabylonJs perfect, and if not what is left for improvement ? Also I would like to know what makes the flight simulation low on fps, even on devices that render other games that seem to have more complexity at 60 fps, and this has probably nothing to do with BabylonJs, but insights from the creators would be nice.
  8. How could BabylonJs possibly be faster ? or Why is BabylonJs slower than what it could be ? What needs to be done. Any area we can help to make this engine faster ? Give us concrete directions so that we can help. I know BabelJs itself is not slow. It does nothing by itself. However, I would like also to know: what are the best practices to take full advantage of BabylonJs speed. This demo is really slow : http://flightarcade.com/missions/tin/play Why is it so slow, and what can we learn from it ?
  9. In BabylonJs there are many constructors that require a name like var box1 = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("Box1", 10.0, scene); Where "Box1" is the name. Why is this useful ? How can we use "Box1" later ?
  10. Try it out here https://blooming-hamlet-91612.herokuapp.com/ This link might not work forever, having a free plan only. Click on commands to add a box, and click it to select a box. move it with g, scale it with s and rotate with r. Opening a new tab you should see that the state of the scene is in sync
  11. 3D realtime editor minimal proof of concept on Github. https://github.com/GrosSacASac/3D-realtime-editor-proof-of-concept I put it on Github because some people were interested to see how it works. Maybe on this forum also. Note the poor code quality because it was a rapid prototype. The camera and the objects are the same in every tab open. Tested in Firefox and Chrome
  12. The reason I say parseFloat or similar is called is that you need a number to determine the position of the sphere. So maybe it is indeed called elsewhere, maybe in the renderloop, that would also make sense with what Delkatosh said
  13. I am not sure about that, I looked at the babylon source a little bit and saw heavy Object.defineProperty usage. When y is changed maybe a setter function is called to handle that, parseFloat it, calculate the new position.
  14. I know about parseFloat and how to bypass this problem, what I want to know is, why is the external sphere.position.y not updated with the same number that was internally used to calculate the sphere position in space ?
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