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  1. Dear readers, I have been developing a game 'Cosmic Cargo' - it is nearing completion and I am hoping to get some feedback on the game. It's an arcadey 2D spaceship game, the aim of which is to fly as far along the cargo route as you can. The gravity fields of nearby planets are both a hazard and a useful resource for guiding the ship along your flight path. This was designed as a multiplayer game but I've recently added a single player version for those who would otherwise experience high latency in connecting to the London based server. The ship points at your mouse cursor, it's left click to use standard thrusters, right click to boost. The winner of the game is the player who makes it furthest along the route, or the player who completes that distance in the shortest time. Fuel conservation is crucial if you want to make a long journey. The game itself is drawn in the HTML Canvas, with the HUD area being HTML elements altered with JavaScript/CSS. The server is done with Socket.io. It is not mobile friendly and probably won't be - but should work on any up to date browser. Here's what it looks like. Feedback on any area of the game would be greatly appreciated - gameplay, graphics, UI, the code, any bugs, or any things surrounding HTML game production. I am an amateur coder and this was largely a learning exercise that I got a bit carried away with so please feel free to make your thoughts known! If you have any questions about the game I'm more than happy to answer them. Here's a link: http://cosmic-cargo.tbellew.co.uk/ Kind regards, -BuRrRrrRrRrrrRrrrRrrr