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  1. Those statistics are interesting. Of course, i was not saying about removing the current log-in system. But we could let people choose. What I did on another project was making a real account behind the process of the Facebook log-in, and re-sync the user to it after each log-in. I was thinking about doing something similar here.
  2. Hello Gio and thank you for your feedback. You're obviously not the first one pointing to this email verification process and we think we're gonna remove it. But we really need to force new players to make accounts to prevent in game exploits. The Facebook log-in sounds like a good idea, but don't you think that's more sharing with strangers than just an email ?
  3. Hello SET001, You can assign your control keys using the Config button on top. It is indeed set to ZQSD by default because we are french and people here use an AZERTY keyboard instead of QWERTY.
  4. Island of conflicts http://islandofconflicts.com This game is a 2D real time survival inspired by Rust. What is it about ? - Explore the map and look for necessary resources to make items. - Survive the hostile environment (animals and players). - Build your home and expand your property to protect yourself. - Make weapons and explosives in order to raid and rob other players. - Try to acquire a title by going into areas guarded by dangerous creatures. - Title owners receive the ability to tax other players when they're collecting resources. This game is cu
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