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  1. Any plan on light probes? https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/LightProbes.html I mean use existing modeling IDE (like blender) to edit light probes, then export to bjs...
  2. @phaselock, it looks like a bug, I'll look into it Could you please let me know some more informations like your browser version? system?..
  3. name: PCOL author: Zhengxi Zhang image: please download this one: https://i.imgur.com/qzNqUY0.png Thank you:)
  4. Hi Everyone, I recently launched a preview version of my game made with BJS, and you can try it here. It's a 3d billiards game, but currently only Snooker available in this preview version. Hope you'll like it, and have fun. It currently supports these browsers on desktop: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. (To BJS team: I have added a "powered by babylon.js" in the 'about' page of the game, please let me know if it is allowed to use your logo, and if I have used the right logo, since I just grabbed it from your home page, and converted to png.)
  5. Hi, Please see the code below: let sphere1 = MeshBuilder.CreateSphere(...); let sphere2 = sphere1.clone(...); ... Questions: Do sphere1 and sphere2 share the same subMesh (in memory)??
  6. Thank you! And sorry I'm not very familiar with Github, does 'PR' means Pull Request? I'll try next time
  7. Hi there, I think this 'break' should be removed, because one userAgent may match multiple items in ExceptionList. For example: a userAgent of Firefox/58 on a Macintosh, currently only 'Firefox/58' handled, the 'Macintosh' is ignored because of the break...
  8. Thank you Deltakosh, and yes it'll be great if you can make these changes in the future updates. But as I mentioned above, things gonna be more difficult when it comes to thinking about the onContextRestored operation for the (real-time) preprocessed textures. For now, just hacking 'engine._gl' isn't enough for me, something inside the InternalTexture._rebuild still needs to be hack(otherwise they can't be restored correctly if context lost/restored really happens )... which is too hacky and terrible I think... So, Finally I'll turn to think about making some kind of offline preproc
  9. God I realized that there is a 'onContextRestored' handling... Things become more difficult now. Maybe I do have to preprocess textures offline...
  10. Hello @Deltakosh, Thanks for your reply . But please let me explain why I need engine._gl instead of using engine API. First, in my project, I want to do some preprocessing for some textrues. These textures are HDR and cubemap. To make it success, I need: 1. Create renderTargetCubeTexture( to draw the preprocessed results onto) with correct formats, currently the builtin 'engine.createRenderTargetCubeTexture' has hard coded the texture forms/type to 'RGBA , RGBA , UNSIGNED_BYTE' (see image below), but I may need 'RGBA32F + RGBA + FLOAT ' to match the HDR outputs; (Please le
  11. Thank you Amarth2Estel Ye it's a feasible way for some cases, but may not be my choice, because firstly I have to do some manually check like 'canvas.getContext("webgl2") || canvas.getContext("experimental-webgl2") || canvas.getContext("webgl") || getContext("experimental-webgl") ...', which is a little bit cumbersome . Secondly, I'm making custom materials, which means in my case, the 'canvas' should be unknowable. Later Edit: the canvas is knowable, there is a public 'engine.getRenderingCanvas()' , so ignore my 'secondly' above
  12. Hi there, First I know there is nothing private in javascript, but since it is marked as private in the typescript code , I'm just wondering if there is an official api/ or a nice trick to obtain it without breaking the rule...
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