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  1. Hello, here is a new classic game remade with a complete tutorial description, it use the Superpowers game editor (built on Threejs). You can address in this tutorial post your problems, propose change and ask for tutorial clarity. Or if you feel comfortable with that, you can open an issue on github or even can improve the tutorial directly by submitting pull requests for the markdown files in the github repository. You can also directly discuss about technical aspect of tutorial in the original post here. Thank you :-) SUPERPOWERS TUTORIAL #5 Super Pacman read gitbook tutorial --- play the game --- source assets --- source project Note : you can download fast zip for sources here.
  2. Thanks staff0rd, the main reason is my own learning I guess and because my way to learn deeply something is to teach it to myself then I felt it was not an extra effort for me to do some cleaning and editing and share it, felt someone could find some use in it and be happy if it does.
  3. Hello, I made a tutorial for this little game I just released, I wanted to share it and take the opportunity to join the html5 game dev community. For the technology I use : it is Superpowers (which is a game editor based on threejs) and Typescript.
  4. I have not tried them all, but I liked Robot Islands too, great concept of puzzle game.