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  1. Hello! How can I the movement of the camera over the map, as with wildsavagekingdom? Look http://www.wildsavagekingdom.com Someone a Playground Example ? Thanks.
  2. Hello Administrator ! can you insert a Area for THREE.js in the Framework Area? I think, many Peoples interesst this Framework and i see many Topics in the general 3D Area. Thanks, Terra
  3. Hello ! One Question. How i texture a Block as Mincraft Style on Babylon.Mesh.CreateBox with one Texture File? Have someone a Sample ? Thanks.
  4. Hi ! my problem is not to create the Water, but to create the effect on the Water, with the wite foam texture. Sorry, my English is not the best. Terra
  5. Hello ! little Question. How i create the Water effect with the white foam on top? You can see the effect here: http://race.assassinscreedpirates.com/ Someone with a sample? Thanks, Terra
  6. I have the same Problem and a answer for 3D Studio Max 2016 ! Go to Path, where you 3DSM is installed. (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\) Open this file "3dsmax.exe.config" with a Text-Editor. You can see this at begin: Add the following lines between </startup> and <system.diagnostics>. Save the file and exit. Now you can insert the DLL-files into the assemblies Folder and run 3D Studio Max. TADAAAA !!! Terra
  7. Hallo zusammen. wollte mal fragen, ob es ein Plugin für Cinema4D gibt um .babylon Dateien zu erstellen? Der Umweg über Blender find ich jetzt taktisch nicht so besonders. Da es ja bereits Python Scripte gibt, wäre es sicher für erfahrene Programmierer ein leichtes, dieses von Blender auf Cinema4D umzuschreiben. Cinema4D Python SDK Google Englisch Gruß, Terra