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  1. Hi, I have changed the code and tested here on my monitors. Can you test on your device too? Code: Thanks.
  2. I have updated the code and to phaser 2.7.10 to anyone help me please. The code of this part of game is here: Thanks.
  3. I already tried it. My current code: var layerWidth = context.floorLayer.layer.widthInPixels * context.floorLayer.scale.x; var layerHeight = context.floorLayer.layer.heightInPixels * context.floorLayer.scale.y;, -(layerHeight/2), layerWidth * 2, layerHeight * 2); And the result:
  4. Tried this code too: var layerWidth = context.floorLayer.width * context.floorLayer.scale.x; var layerHeight = context.floorLayer.height * context.floorLayer.scale.y;, -(layerHeight/2), layerWidth * 2, layerHeight * 2); And the result is near the same. Attached. The camera show the out map area. But the map is cutted and the other objects no.
  5. Hi, Changed the code to: var layerWidth = context.floorLayer.width; var layerHeight = context.floorLayer.height;, -layerHeight, layerWidth, layerHeight); But it cut the image. See the screenshot. Thanks.
  6. Ok, thanks. I will ty it. I think camera has a offset that can be setted to work with this problems. I read the source, but i didnt find.
  7. Hi, Yes, i dont want that camera stop on map dimensions. I want the player always on camera center, but i dont know how i can do it more. On early versions my old code works. Today it is with the default behavior: Thanks.
  8. In the past, i only need change the camera. But it is not working more. var cameraX = Math.round((this.player.sprite.x) - ( / 2)); var cameraY = Math.round((this.player.sprite.y) - ( / 2)); if (cameraX != || cameraY != { = new Phaser.Rectangle(this.player.sprite.x + ( / 2), this.player.sprite.y + ( / 2), 0, 0); = cameraX; = cameraY; }
  9. Ok. I made a image manually to try explain better.
  10. Hi, On my open-source game Golandy: I want that the camera follow the player but see around the player and not the player move to top left corner and didnt see around the player or around the map. Can anyone help me? The source code of game state is here: Thanks.
  11. Hi, Sometimes i get this error on phaser 2.7 beta 3. If i reload it works again. And when i click on button, bottom-left, the click was throught button and tilemap was clicked instead. Thanks.
  12. Hi, After update to beta2 the mouse/keyboard works again: Sometimes everything stop animate, bomb dropping, the sea disappear, but i dont know hoe to reproduce it. Ty.
  13. Hi, I have updated my game to use Phaser 2.7 beta, you can check here: After update, the player dont move more but no errors happen (dont move using keyboard or mouse). Thanks.
  14. Hi, Here is my game (beta version): I dont know how to remove under click from bomb button. Tutorial: - Use mouse click to move or arrows - Use space to put bombs Thanks for any help.