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  1. This thread is close, please use the new forum instead: https://forum.babylonjs.com/t/from-blender-to-babylon-lightmap-workflow-tutorial/106
  2. I haven't go deep into Blender 2.8 until now, but I'll try to soon, and so be able to test your current update. I will update my cornellBox blend file for Blender 2.8.
  3. That's very great to now have a https://forum.babylonjs.com/ url Is migrating html5 forum to discourse too difficult to do?
  4. Which 3D modeler do you use? The best way is to use RTT method: duplicate your current object unfold UV on your new object within [0,1] bake your old object into your new one
  5. I just see here that new gltf beta doc is available: https://gltf-blender-io-docs-gbueavkvns.now.sh/addons/io_gltf2 Maybe some tricks about principled use can be helpful or inspiring?
  6. I think keep using Roughness rather than the specular could be the right way even with the Principled.
  7. My feeling (confirmed by the new inspector) is that the range is 0 - 128. And about the convertion from Glossy BSDF roughness to Standard SpecularPower, here my guess: roughness = 0 give us specularPower = 0 roughness = 1 give us specularPower = 128
  8. V!nc3r

    Gif Creation

    And about your issue I'm not sure if it's possible to generate a gif using javascript? In that case, documentation has to be more explicit, saying that gif isn't exported, but that you can generate image frames so as to transform them in gif with your own tools (Photoshop, Gimp, imageMagick, etc)
  9. V!nc3r

    Gif Creation

    (just a little advice for forum users: do not click on the PG link, you will be asked 90 times by your browser where you want to download each image 😄 )
  10. Yep, as JCPalmer said, switch to Internal Render (and pay attention to texture influence assignation). For now if you absolutly wants keep Cycles, use gltf file format instead (by using this your file will use the PBR workflow). You'll also maybe be interested in a tutorial I made about Blender to BJS workflow.
  11. @trevordev I thought I was spotted a bug on my currently pro-project and was'nt get the time trying to reproduce it on the playground, but @MarianG playground show the issue: ktx textures when used have to be invertY (but not the source texture if fallbacked) as the ktx standard says. MarianG textures looks like fine:
  12. (I haven't redo tests since the last fix, 'have to do that) @MarianG if you load a file (fbx, babylon, gltf, etc) with materials using textures (with their usual format - jpg, png, etc), the engine should load them as ktx is the file exist. And you just have to use this bit of code: var available = ['-astc.ktx', '-dxt.ktx', '-pvrtc.ktx', '-etc1.ktx', '-etc2.ktx']; var formatUsed = engine.setTextureFormatToUse(available); (no need to transform your textures url with .ktx)
  13. If you specify the url, is this still happen ? example: BABYLON.DebugLayer.InspectorURL = 'https://preview.babylonjs.com/inspector/babylon.inspector.bundle.js';
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