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  1. Is there a way to programmatically add animations or It's like "load it, view it"?
  2. but ofcourse! If you'll be kind enough I won't be turning that off, I'm actually better on reading someone's code instead of creating things from scratch. The game would be a multiplayer (will probably use socket.io here), sort of a liar game, where you'll convince the other players on teaming up with you and eventually killing them too since only 1 player will win. Will use audio instead of a chatbox for communications. It's really a big project. Will probably finish it in a year or so because I also have other things to do.
  3. btw I'm also planning to recreate those characters in the image and eventually turn this into a game
  4. hmmm yes I've thought of this but since there are three different shaped buttons, I'll need to add some conditions so that's still basically 1 by 1 ( model wise ). I get your point that you're making everything through code. I certainly want to do things like that too. Is it advisable to make models through code right from the start? I'm thinking of using modeling softwares first (I don't even know it's possible if not from this post) and understand other concepts.
  5. My bad for being unclear. What I mean there is the physical controller. I figured it would be more difficult to create the buttons 1 by 1 instead of just making a flat image of buttons then elevating the correct areas using height map. Thanks for the response, will definitely check out the things you said.
  6. Hi. I'm new to babylon.js and to WebGL in general. I've browsed through http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials but I'm still having difficulty in coming up on the correct ways on how I can achieve what I want. So I'm trying to replicate this arcade machine ( on the image attached ). I'll list the ways I can think of on achieving this: - for the bottom part that has a shape like this: \_/ From what I've read, babylon.js has a library for common shapes like cube, spheres etc. but not shapes like that. So the only option left is to use ribbon? - the controls I'm planning to make this using image texture and height map. - upper part same problem as the bottom part - lastly, the screen is there a way to make it somewhat glowing as if it was emitting light? Any advice or tips will be very helpful.