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  1. Hey! Thanks for the replies.I'd like to comment on each one so here we go :):) the user reg is ok for me - i created an account, refreshed and logged on with it. the game as it stands has no db connection, so if you come back an hour later Heroku will have put the app to sleep, effectively resetting all of the user info. this may be what you experienced? It must be due to the UK severs cos it's almost instant here, and i've had about 20 people on at one time testing it... however i admit originally i accidentally hosted the server on a US heroku server and it was nowhere near
  2. Hi guys! For my dissertation, I created a 2D multiplayer zombie survival game. The game is completely created by me - including the sprites and the networking code The game uses no game engines - it is pure Canvas2D It's made using mainly Canvas2D, Node.js and Socket.io. Check it out here! http://cameronchalmers.uk/survivr-game.html It works in Chrome and Firefox, IE throws errors but it doesn't matter as this is only a test project. Let me know what you think Cam
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