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  1. I already have seen you write like 3 posts or more about your service. So i really have to ask... how are you handling off a country like Belgium? We have a very complicated and strict legal rules about betting sites and such... with very expensive licences and you need to be lucky to even be allowed to start a project like that Even sites likes are blocked in our country. This site is not even build by a Belgian company , is not hosted in Belgium either... very curious for your response...
  2. [developer here]
  3. thanks for sharing was thinking to hear more examples of platforms as kong,miniclip purely based on html games i think its hard to make a nice revenue out of facebook instant games, and they are hardely accepting smaller companies at the moment.
  4. can you give examples of new platforms?:)
  5. how to get traffic to your game on ... ?
  6. jensdj

    this is really great! keep up the good work
  7. Definitely worth a shot, there is a lot of USA traffic. One of our games managed to get 500.000 plays up there, probably more is possible. They have friendly "management" that will help to get your game on there, and even give you tips. Though the audience there enjoy the REAL free to play games... so if your game have a lot in-game purchases they will rate it kinda low. They also like to share their opinion about the game.
  8. nice game... think about supporting azerty keyboards:)
  9. jensdj


    looks pretty good