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  1. Great, I fiddled around a bit. Could you please shortly explain what is going on in your code? So far I think I understood, that you create a 200px x 200px image and scan it pixel by pixel to create a uv map for the height. If I change the image size it will not work anymore. What exactly is going on there? If I try to get the mesh via console.log(scene.getMeshByUniqueID(2)); I only get back NULL. So there is no chance to export it as OBJ-File.
  2. @NasimiAsl Woooow. This i really awsome. Thanks so much. I think I understand most of your math so far. But how can I play with the intensity of the extrusion? This means, I want to adjust how much height is gained by white areas and deep of black areas.
  3. Hi @NasimiAsl and all others, I also want to use a heigth map on a sphere. Unfortunaltely the PG from above does not work. I just wanted to take a look at it, if this is what I need. Can you help me out please?
  4. Hi all, please have a look at this playground: How can i get rid of this undefined tiles of the procedural textures on my mesh? I want a plain surface with this textures. At first I thought this is depending on the vertices of the mesh or something like this but by now I think it is something with the texture. Thanks in advance.
  5. I was so close to solved it by myself. So easy... if you know how to. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi, same problem here: Can you please provide an example to show how to prevent the glowing sphere shining through the second sphere? And by the way, how can I change the glow color for all meshes using glow layer? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey Wingnut, you are right. This behaviour is a little bit strange. done I will try to do so, as soon as I find some time. BJS 3.0 I am using everthing of the listed fancy stuff except HDR. But I disabled everthing except the textures. The only texture I used with my meshes was diffuseTexture. Now with emissiveTexture there is no difference between onboard and "power" gpu.
  8. I found the problem. It was a matter of this emissive, diffuse, specular etc texture thing ^^ Strange that this is so different on onboard GPUs.
  9. Hi all, if I open my scene in a browser on a PC with an onboard GPU like Intel HD graphics 4000, everthing is very dark. I use some black fog in my scene to simulate night / day. This behaviour is indepentend from the browser I use. Does anyone have an explanation for this?
  10. @Arte Sorry, everything is fine and my problem is solved. We just kidding around a bit which variant is more performant.
  11. First attempt was this: I think it's not the best way to check performance
  12. Hey @Arte and @Deltakosh, Both suggestions work fine. Thanks a lot. @Wingnut Let the cooking show start
  13. I think this is a simple question (but unfortunately not for me). How can I get the distance between the FreeCamera and a mesh, without using pick?
  14. I cannot make head or tail of it Maybe its a problem with draw "zeichnen"? But this is only a problem in Quantum.
  15. @RaananW I fiddled around with this yesterday evening but I didn't found anything that would help me. Maybe you see something.
  16. @Deltakosh Are you talking about SpectorJS? If you mean the performance profiler integrated in Firefox, I need some help what to do, to find the "bug".
  17. I think we can help with the setup but you have to provide a playground scene with your basic setup.
  18. @Wingnut This i a nice approach. I have many meshes I want to highlight. So I am concerning about performance. I will give it a try. Thank you.
  19. I am sorry but at the moment I cannot provide the whole scene / game online. Too many thinks to do to make it work online. I cannot clearly see the problem at the espilit or sponza demo. Sometimes I thing the mouse movement in Quantum is like dropping fps. Something with the mouse or keyboard movement is interpreted in another way with Quantum. If I change the FreeCamera to a UniversalCamera, in Chrome everthing works fine. In Quantum if I walk forward, turn the mouse left and stop walking forward and still holding the mouse button, the camera is slightly moving forward. Also if I lock the cursor in Chrome and the old firefox versions, mouse behaviour is okay. In Quantum the view jumps around.
  20. Hi, I just tried my BJS Game with the new Firefox Quantum Browser. Loading times and preformance is really good as far as I could say at the moment. But I have a big issue with the mouse movement of the freecamera. It is very sluggish and sticky. I cannot really describe how it feels, but it is uncomfortable Has anyone noticed this problem as well?
  21. Hi @Sebavan and other Babylonists, anyone an idea on how to make a glowing border on a transparent mesh? Have a look at this
  22. @aWeirdo ... sometimes ... I can't see the wood of the trees. Thank you, this is a good approach. But why is it not possible to do the registerBeforeRender in the same loop?
  23. Hi all, how can I apply some registerBeforeRender actions to a childmesh within a for loop? Please look at this PG - Row 91 and 92. Finally, all cubes should spin. I tried with arrays and objects for "Sphere" but this did not work.