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  1. Hay megmut, yes it does! I have it still do not get to run, something I decide wrong, but I'll manage it already. Your obligatory built-fault and additional test order (one missing bracket) I've already discovered Thanks for your valuable help! When the game is finished, I will present it here. Please be patient. Best regards Pinkman
  2. Hi, most (scaffold) on my first game I've ready so far. but on one thing I have a problem. My speedometer to show the speed, but no real benefit to the game, he will only increment beautiful. So far I have an indication of speed. Example: Your Speed: 70 Mp / h. When I press the start button, the speed goes from 0 to 100 in zero seconds. That's OK for the Play-Character, but only I want that runs the display logarithmic. Example: 0 Mp/h ...., - slow up ...., - slow ...., - faster ...., - faster ...., - faster ...., - very fast ....., - very very fast ...., Highspeed Mp/h A short version as Gimp animation. I would also like to use it for the score display. As I said: No impact on the game, just look pretty. The concrete Problem: I do not know any formula for it. I tried it with a FOR loop. But the computer is too fast. The result remains 0 to 70 in zero seconds. Can anyone help me out with a minimalist, sample script? For a beginner. Thx Pinkman
  3. Hello megmut I did not expect that someone can help a with such a great example to me. Even with Enemies. Wow. So I can do new studies. Originally, it was all about the timer. But now I see other errors in the Enemies that would only later noticed. Therefore, I thank you very much. Certainly no intention you have intervened at the right time. Thx! Pinkman
  4. Hello, multiple timers, it is impossible to use in one gamelevel, at the same time? Simple example: I need a timer for the duration of the game (90 seconds). I need a timer for enemies (short intervals / random). I need a timer for rare, larger enemies (long intervals / random). Do not go there with? var mytime1 = .... var mytime2 = .... var mytime3 = .... I need all 3 timer to the same time. I am so far failed. The Phaser example "Multiple Timers" does not help me further (because there are not for me "Multiple Timers" because run consecutively and is just a trick. Or I do not understand the message). Thanks for hints
  5. I'm newbie, I come from Flash (AS2). With AS3 Flash was dead for me and I hired my work with Flash. Until then, I was a fan. I knew with AS3 (and Adobe) will not go well. The end was in sight. I say this not because I'm so smart, as an expert, but that was instinctive. I am currently satisfied with Phaser. SVG support would be desirable. Otherwise, I have no concrete desires. But a general wish I had: Phaser should it not go as Flash. That everyone avoids because sometime a certain complexity brings thousand vulnerabilities. Dumb and happy............., that I can tinker little funny games. Yours faithfully Pinkman