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  1. Have you looked into cocoon.io's Canvas+ ?
  2. I just put out a game using phaser, https://chillpoolgame.com/apps, and I'm wondering (unrelatedly, sorry) if getting into BJS is a whole different world, or something I could pick up without starting from square one again? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for asking this question. I'm having troubles with sound as well.
  4. Yes, I'd like the work too but I don't know how much experience you're looking for. I am willing to work for a very low rate, even full time, just to gain experience. I only have my prototype to show right now: https://chillpool.herokuapp.com
  5. Alright, so if just I set the dimensions to fit my tablet. Then it runs on my tablet, but it's broken on every other device. Do you understand the question?
  6. This runs in create. Why is it not working? game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; game.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true; game.scale.pageAlignVertically = true; game.scale.setMinMax(game_width, game_height, max_game_width, max_game_height); game.scale.updateLayout();
  7. I still don't know how you're helping me. I understand the canvas size isn't right. How do you propose I load the game correctly in different screen sizes?
  8. My tablet is 2x pixel ratio at 1200x1920. I don't know how to write the code so the game loads the correct size in multiple devices, not just my own tablet.
  9. I understand it's not right. I'm asking for help to solve it. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I'm having a rough time getting the game to resize to fit the screen on my android tablet. The game insists on anchoring to the bottom left of the screen in portrait mode, at the minimum width and height. (Please see the attached picture.) Here are my initialized vars when the file loads. /* DEFAULTS OPTIMIZED FOR 16x9 */ var standard_width = 360; var standard_height = 640; var screen_16_9_ratio = 1.777777778; var game_width = Math.floor( Math.round(pixel_ratio * standard_width / 2 * screen_16_9_ratio)); var game_height = Math.floor( Math.round(pixel
  11. Hello, I got the same error (on Mac 10.11) atom-ternjs Failed to find plugin phaser following the instructions. To solve it I uninstalled tern and tern-phaser then reinstalled both without the `-g` option, then restarted the server. May not be a great solution, but if you're just getting started, any hindrance is 10x worse
  12. I need the child sprites not to rotate/pivot with the cue.body, while I need the cue.body to rotate. How can I do this? wave_left = cue.addChild(game.make.sprite(-ball_radius, 0, 'wave')) wave_left.angle = 270; wave_left.anchor.setTo(0.5, -2);
  13. I'm confused. I'm not sure if my game is using the Cavas+ library if my game loads before deviceready. The dev app console doesn't say "Created Namespace: CanvasPlus" as it does for Webview+ and others.
  14. Hello, I learned I have to run the Canvas+ code on deviceready for Cocoon. I'm not sure how to change my source around to get it right. Here's how my file is formatted right now. Somehow I need all the variables scoped into the deviceready event, so I can use the plugins during the game. Thank you. var cocoon_active = typeof(Cocoon) === 'object' var one, two, three; // ... document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false); function onDeviceReady() { if (cocoon_active) { // ... } // FIXME CANVAS+ CODE RUNS HERE } window.onload = function() { game = new P
  15. Hm, I think I'll reserve this for potential 1.+ release. Need to focus on the minimum viable product. Thank you.
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