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  1. Mike018

    My Phaser Story

    Glad you liked it! I don't have any recommendations for tuts.
  2. Mike018

    My Phaser Story

    Nice! I used phaser chains pretty much every day that I was developing with phaser. It made working with phaser super easy!
  3. Mike018

    My Phaser Story

    Yep, I think I made it to the newsletter June/July 2017 on my first version and again in November 2017 for my second version. I recently finished remaking the app a few weeks ago for the fourth time (never released the third version) using phaser 2.6.2 (I literally started rewriting it a week before phaser 3 was released!). Edit: Wow, it seems I also made a small game prototype in June 2016 and it also got featured (Two Blades)! I think I learned phaser for a few months and did nothing more with it until almost a year later, somehow the timeline in my mind thought a year was just a few months.
  4. Mike018

    My Phaser Story

    Over a year and a half ago, I started to learn how to program while using Phaser. Since then I've released a number of mobile apps that have been commercially successful and allowed me to work from home and basically do anything I want with my life. Since I've had a blast working with Phaser, had lots of help from the community, and have anxiously waited for every Phaser newsletter since I started using it, I figured I should share my little story with you guys. I'm one of the few who uses Phaser solely for mobile apps, but I never actually planned on doing that. 2 years ago my friend and I were developing a language learning app focused on writing the alphabet of non-latin based languages. We were using html5 canvas for our writing recognition using a custom framework my friend made and I wanted to add some cool effects to the writing strokes. But had no idea how to do it and at the time, I couldn't print a "Hello World" from memory! Looking for a solution, I stumbled upon Phaser and slowly learned how to program while making a bunch of little prototypes. I never actually intended to make a commercial game with it though. Fast forward a few months and my friend, the programmer of the writing app, got married and took a month off. I decided to spend that month making a small language learning game with Phaser. I made a very simple game where you learn numbers and colors and I was like... you know what? I'm just gonna release this even though people probably won't like it and there's almost no content. I made one app for Japanese and copied everything over and made one for Korean as well. Within a month both of them were getting ~1,500 downloads a day, which was better than our writing apps. I was pretty surprised because the game was clearly not finished, and you could blow through all the content within 30 minutes, but the vast majority of people only had positive things to say about it. Since Phaser was the only thing I had experience in and I loved working with it, I continued to use Phaser even though I had no plans on doing anything with web. I then spent the next 4 months adding a lot more categories, hired professional voice actors to voice all the words, and added more languages, and the app really took off after that. The rest is history. From lurking on this forum for quite a while, I've noticed that finances comes up quite a bit. What I did, which will work if you don't have any location-specific responsibilities, would be to move to a very cheap place, go abroad if you are in a developed country. I saved up $10k and moved to China & Taiwan for about 2 years, spending an average $60 - 120 / month for rent. This gave me a 1.5 year runway whereas if I stayed in the states, that money would have barely lasted me 5 months with the same lifestyle I enjoyed in China & Taiwan. This was crucial because I was able to completely focus on learning and developing, ignore every part-time job offer that came up, and still being able to live a full life of traveling, eating out, extracurricular activities, and having fun every weekend, which is crucial for efficiency. And that's my Phaser story. Thanks to Rich for an excellent product, without it, maybe I wouldn't have learned how to program. iOS and Android links: https://jernung.com/infinite
  5. If I have an onInputUp event on an input enabled object and it is is tapped and held down until outside the original object and then released, how do you prevent the event from triggering?
  6. I have a boolean variable that is changed to true after a certain time to tell update() to start looking to see if the user has finished interacting with everything. But I have to always check for that variable in the update method even though 95% of the game it doesn't need to be there. Is there a way for the update not to check if this variable is true or false, and for the things I need update to check for just be injected into the update method at a certain time?
  7. I'm wondering if you have a 30x30 solid square compared with a 30x30 square with a gradient or a gaussian blur applied to it, will that be extra processing power to move & animate it? From my understanding, once the sprite atlas is loaded, only the size matters, is that correct?
  8. const filenames = ['test1', 'test2'] forEach(filenames, filename => { try { this.load.audio(filename, './audio/' + filename + '.mp3') } catch (error) { console.log('Failed to load:', filename + '.mp3') } }) Seems this.load.onFileError.add(console.log, this) doesn't work either.
  9. Great, thanks for the advice. One last question, what do you use to play audio sprites, howler?
  10. Do you use uncompressed audio files at all for SFX? I've heard for short files, uncompressed audio is more suitable, but in the context of native apps, not sure about web. Also, for mobile, what's the limit for audio sprites?
  11. Do you use audio sprites for mobile? Back in the days when I used phaser audio for everything, I tried audio sprites and a pretty good chunk of android users couldn't get anything to play, which was the same result I had for using individual audio files. Now I'm using the cordova media plugin to play audio now for android, and last I checked it doesn't support audio sprites but significantly reduced the amount of feedback I got about audio issues.
  12. Originally I used all mp3s around 180 kbps, but I often get feedback from users that some audio doesn't play, or gets cut off. For audio less than 1 second, I want to switch to an uncompressed file, but which one to use? Audacity has a giant list of stuff. For audio 1-3 seconds long, is mp3 the most efficient and quality format to use?
  13. I'm wondering if there will be a way to search through the documentation like here: http://phaserchains.boniatillo.com/ Seems like that isn't updated anymore, but it really made working with phaser a lot easier than referencing the official v2 documentation.