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  1. Well I can't promise it will be a positive review, as I have to atleast a little objective. That being said there only was 1 game I ever reviewed that I didn't like. And I made that into a Feedback video instead of a review. So I'll put your game on the list Bruno. I have a backlog of around 12 games so it might take a week or 2.
  2. Hey guys,Sorry in advance if this isn't the right board, I couldn't find anything related to non-game promotion.I run a small channel named Indie Mobile https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVKeMGG09KfHHIQnha_twNQ where I mostly review games sent to me. Mostly student projects and very small indie games. I currently only review Android games. So if you have a Android/cross platform game I'd be happy to play/review your game. I will try to check this post atleast once a day. If I don't respond fast enough feel free to send it to my Twitter https://twitter.com/indie_mobile
  3. Got stuck in level 3, damn this game is hard. Good job!
  4. Webstorm with Phaser and photoshop for graphics.
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